Thursday, February 19, 2009

Funny Pics of Sophia

Sophia naked dancing...she is in love with these hello kitty socks. She took everything else off but those. :) oh and her diaper which I wouldn't let her take off.

I just thought she looked pretty here...I put her hair in low pig tails.

More dancing this time for cleveland...doesn't he look impressed. :)

I'm such a lady!

More Valentines Pics

Sophia's creation

Reagan decided to join her on the ramp...this thing is very popular Sunday after service. :)

Yummy fatty goodness...thank you bakerella!

Phil and Sophia listening to the bible story

I think Phil thought I was crazy for taking a picture of this cookie...but how stinkin cute is this?! Sophia is in love with bees because of winnie the pooh..she thought this was great and my friend sent two more home with me for her. :)

Jesus Lamb's Valentines Day Party

We recently had the Jesus Lamb's Valentines Day Party at our church. My friends Kandis, Lana and I decided to set up, decorate and host this party for the kids. I think we did a good job as it is always a little harder to get together and plan a time when everyone is available to be at the church with kids. I took Sophia one day and she wasn't happy that I wasn't paying much attention to her. She broke down several times and I was very thankful to go home that day. :) Everyone had a good time the day of the party we had some really yummy food and of course lots of desserts. We did two different crafts for the kids...for the younger ones we had a red construction paper heart cut out for them and then they could glue bits of colored tissue paper to it, draw on it or put stickers on it. For the older ones we had bookmarks cut out for them and they could decorate them however they liked. Lana's husband Chris then took the kids downstairs and read them a story about how Jesus loves them. The kids also exchanged Valentines day cards. All the kids brought in boxes and decorated them and then when they all were done they went around and delivered their valentines to each other. I think Sophia had a good time she usually does when their are food and friends involved oh yea and daddy. Daddy is her favorite person right now and it is so sweet. I think she thinks he hung the moon it is so sweet to see them together. Saturday mornings she runs into the bedroom and climbs in the bed with him to watch cartoons. :)
Phil and I didn't do a whole lot for Valentines Day. It is really impossible to get a babysitter for that day so we just made dinner here and exchanged cards. I made him some "cake" cookies that I will post a picture of. I got them off of the Bakerella blog that is listed on the far left of my blog. She has some really yummy recipes.

Sophia's new favorite activity at church...running up and down the handicap ramp. :)

Sophia and Daddy eating lunch...that is my arm there in the far left...I'm actually in a picture woohoo! :)

Sophia's decorated box

Busy creating her is on our fridge now.

Sophia and her bud reagan eating I could get of them together...toddlers don't sit still....except when they are tied to chairs. :)