Friday, June 25, 2010

Water Fun!

On Tuesday Sophia and I met up with some friends at the Carl Miller Park in Newnan. In an effort to try to keep cool and let the girls burn off some energy we took them to this great park. They have wonderful playgrounds one for younger children and then a wooden castle one for the older children to play on. They also have a great walking path around the park. But my favorite thing is what Sophia calls "the sprinklers." They have this big area where water sprays up out of the ground when you push a button. The water will stop eventually and the kids think it is fun to see who can get to the button first.

Here are a few pictures from our fun morning!

Sophia's alter ego Hollywood. :)

Alicia, Reagan and Sophia

Isn't she just the cutest thing ever!! I love little Juju!

Sophia, Juju, Izzy and Reagan in the background being a monkey. :)

This is the best group shot I could get...three out of four looking at the camera isn't bad. :)

Reagan being Jane of the Jungle. Emorie has a pergola at her house with wisteria growing up it..Reagan is swinging from the vines. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back on Memorial Day

I completely forgot I had these pictures so I thought I would share them with you real quick. We had a really great Memorial Day this year. We took Sophia to downtown Senoia where they have a festival every year to celebrate. They out do themselves every year and the crowd gets bigger every year too! We walked around for a long time looking at all the different vendor booths and I took Sophia over to the kids area and let her have a pony ride and ride on a little motorized train that took you through the downtown streets. We tried to stay for the parade at 2 but to be honest we didn't even make it halfway through it. The parade was great it was just sooooo hot that we couldn't take it any longer. Poor Sophia was sitting on the ground playing with the grass she couldn't even be bothered to stand up. :(

We didn't rest long though once we got home and got a drink. Our subdivision had a block party and just about everyone from the neighborhood showed up! We had a lot of fun and got to meet a few neighbors we hadn't talked to yet. Phil was in charge of roasting a pig for the event and if you read this blog fairly regularly you know that he has done it once before and it turns out really yummy! Everyone loved it!

We were going to take Sophia to the fireworks that night but she told me at the block party that she was tired and ready to go home. She wasn't kidding either I brought her home changed her and laid her in her bed and she was down for the count!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day it is one of my favorite times in Senoia.

Sophia and her pig that she thought was sleeping. :)

Sophia and Razzle...This is the same horse that she rode back at Christmas...they seem to like each other. :)

At the block party...can you tell how red her face is? It was almost to hot that day.

Dad Life

So those of you who are friends with me on facebook have already seen this but I had to share it on here as well. I got the best laugh out of this video this morning!

Thanks to all the Dads for everything you do!

Dad Life from Church on the Move on Vimeo.

Yay! It's Wednesday!

Wednesday is my favorite day during the summer. Do you want to know why??

Because of this:

So You Think You Can Dance is one of my favorite shows during the summer and it has also become one of Sophia's favorites. The video above is one of her favorite dance routines right now and she will ask me to play it for her multiple times. :)

So will you be watching tonight??

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Many Faces of Sophia and Alicia


Puddle Jumpers!

Last year when Sophia had just turned two I started taking her to a little class called Puddle Jumpers. The classes are split into two sessions the first one was 10 weeks and introduced the kids to shapes and colors. The second session is 5 weeks and introduces kids to numbers.

Sophia had so much fun at the first session that I signed her up for the numbers class. Sophia loves Mrs. Janie so it was fun to see her again. The kids got to sing songs, dance, play number games, play with musical instruments and then they moved to the large motor skills room where there are balls, slides, trampoline, and balance beam. The next room they move to is the arts and craft room. They always get to do a craft, have a snack, and then play in the sand table or paint a picture. To finish up the class they move back to the first room and get to ride on a parachute, then go under the parachute while the parents sing, and finish up by going under the rainbow bridge. :) They pack a lot into an hour and a half! :) Here are a few pictures from the last day of the numbers class.

This is the start of class if you get there a bit early there are different activities set up for the kids to do while we wait on everyone to arrive. This puzzle is one of Sophia's favorites!

Sophia in the large motor skills working on her balance. :)

This trampoline always makes me laugh! My mom had one of these when I was little and I can remember jumping on it. I think it was supposed to be used for an exercise video or just exercise in general ??? not sure. :)

Sand table room next to the craft room...Sophia always rushed through the craft to be first at the table. :)

Back in the first room...bubbles and then parachute time!!

I wish the kids would pull us around on this! It looks like sooo much fun!

Finishing up with some rainbow the first session the parents walk with the kids this time the kids did it by themselves...with mixed results. :)

I've linked to the Puddle Jumpers site if you are interested in going. It is in downtown Newnan and the best part it is totally Free!! They just require that your child be 2 before going to the first session and 3 before the second one. :) They also will do a dad's night one time so the dads can attend one class with the kiddos. Phil went and said he had fun and I'm sure Sophia loved having him there. Lots of fun and Sophia still talks about going.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sophia's End of School Party

Sorry this post is a little late seeing as Sophia has been out of school almost a full month now! However on her very last day of school she got to go to a water/ice cream party. I was one of the party moms for this party and I must say it turned out really well. One of the moms from the class volunteered to have everyone over to her house. So all the party moms really had to do was show up early to help get the pools ready, buy the ice cream and toppings and have a good time! I think the kids really loved it I must admit I was a little sad this was the last day of her first year in preschool. She had such a wonderful time and I can really tell a difference in her from the beginning of the year to now. She is growing up and becoming such a big girl! If your in the Fayette/Coweta county area I highly recommend First Presbyterian of Peachtree City Preschool. They are really fabulous!

This is Sophia with her two favorite fellas! Judd is on the left and Tyler on the right..she has told me several times that she is going to marry Tyler. :)

We had one pool filled with water and bubbles! This is Sophia with her friend Isabelle.

This is her whole class concentrating very hard on their ice cream. :)

Even More Fishing!

Sophia has found a real love for fishing! She had gotten really good at casting so Phil decided to put a hook on her fishing line much to my dismay. I'm glad he did though because she loves going out to the lake even more now. As I've mentioned before I'm not much of a fishing person it still makes me sad when they wiggle around on the hook but Sophia loves it and it is fun to watch her having a good time.

Here is a picture of one of her first catches a blue gill:

After catching quite a few blue gills she decided they were to easy and told her daddy that she wanted to catch a bass. She didn't quite catch a bass but she did catch this fella:

We were absolutely shocked when she reeled this guy in! She wanted to do it all by herself as well. She has now proclaimed that she is going to catch a bass next. :) She also told me later that the catfish had whiskers just like daddy. Kids are so observant we didn't even mention anything about the whiskers.
Happy fishing everyone!