Friday, March 28, 2008

Ear Infections!!

I cannot explain to you how much I hate ear infections. Sophia hasn't even had that many but I already hate them. I think I hate them so much because I can't figure out how she keeps getting them and she doesn't seem to think they hurt until it is to late!? Let me explain...We were having a great week before Wed. evening. Sophia wasn't acting right to me at dinner and when I put her in the bath tub later she just sat there and shivered which is very unusual. She had also taken a three and a half hour nap that day very VERY unusual!!! :) So when I got her out I checked her temp and I was right it was a little high like 100. So I gave her some tylenol and we went on with our regular bedtime routine which includes watching an episode of handy manny or teletubbies. :) While we were watching the show she seem to get worse her face turned bright red her whole body got hot and she laid her head down on my arm. I decided to take her temp again and oh my goodness it had jumped to 103.4!!! I took it under her arm so you are actually suppose to add a degree! So off we went to the ER because that is what I was always told to do. We got there at about 8:20 and left around 9:30 with two people still in front of us on the list. They don't go by first come first serve but by most urgent. I could tell though that they didn't think we were very urgent and we were going to be there awhile. The triage(sp?) nurse just told us that we should have monitored it longer before coming in and it is probably nothing. We were all exhausted and thought it would be better to go and put Sophia in bed and watch her for the night and take her to her pediatricians the next day if need be. Well I took her today Friday because things got better and then seemed to get worse and with the weekend coming up I didn't want to be spending it in the ER. :) Turns out she has a double ear infection!! Poor baby no wonder she is in such a sour mood today. She seemed fine yesterday and then woke up this morning screaming and crying it took awhile to get her to calm down. I also found out there is another place I could have taken her and probably gotten seen to quicker so that is always good to find out. :)

Other than that drama we are doing pretty good. Looking foward to the weekend we have lined up a babysitter so we can go out Saturday night. We are going to go try out Maguires again with some friends hopefully it wont be quite so busy this time. :) I hope everyone has a great weekend. Here are a few pics from the past couple of days. Enjoy!

Riding side saddle on her car. :)

Maga will understand this! :) Why does she like to put things around her neck?!

This is her I just woke up from a nap look.

Watering her flowers...look nanny I'm already training her right. :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone has had a great Easter Weekend. Phil had Friday off so we just hung around the house and relaxed. We went for a walk into Senoia and while we were there we found a hiking pack that we could put Sophia in. We have been looking for one for awhile but they are all very expensive but this one was only ten dollars and works great. I'll have a picture of it below. While Sophia was asleep that afternoon Phil mowed the grass and we went window shopping at Best Buy with dinner gezzos later that evening. Just a very relaxing family day.

Saturday we decided we wanted to use our new hiking back pack so we loaded Sophia into the truck with the essentials for the day and went to High Falls State Park. It was so much fun and Sophia really enjoyed getting to see the water fall. She especially like getting to touch all the trees with red paint on them that mark the trail. We made a game out of it and would say red tree and let her touch it before moving on to the next one. She seemed to like it and gave her something to do while sitting on dadddy's back. :) When we got back to the truck we let her play on the playground that was there. She seemed to really like the pine cones. :) When we left there we decided to go to Tanger Outlet. We haven't been there in a couple of years and wanted to see if there were any good deals we were missing out on. We weren't missing anything but it was fun to eat at the Denny's Diner and window shop at some of the stores. We did end up getting Sophia a pair of crocs that she just thinks are great. She couldn't stop smiling when I put them on her. :) It was a great day to go hiking and shopping outdoors I couldn't get over how beautiful it was. Phil got me a new game for Easter called Hyper slide (I think) it is so much fun and we played that for a long time last night after Sophia went to sleep. :) We got the same game for my nephew last Christmas so I hope he is enjoying it as much as we are. Phil and I are very competitive though so that is probably why our game lasted so long. :)

Today is Easter and we have had a great day so far. We got up and went to church everyone looked so pretty in there Easter outfits. I really enjoyed the ladies class this morning. We were discussing the story of the prodigal son and it is one of my favorites plus I like to hear all the of other ladies points of view. We didn't have a lot of time so I didn't give Sophia her basket until we got home from church. She really loved it and went straight for the wind up chick. You wind it up and the chick goes hopping across the table. She thinks it is great and has held onto it since she got it out of the basket. I had also gotten her a bunny book, some plush peeps, and a toy egg that when you push a button it has lights that come on and spin inside. Phil has just put the roast in so we are going to have an Easter roast tonight with potatoes, carrots and some other good things.'s making me hungry to think about it. :) Well that is it for now and I think I hear Sophia waking up and phil has gone out to pull weeds. I hope you all have a great Easter evening!

Our Easter Family Photo. Thank you Scott!

Sophia peeping at me from around the back of the carrier.

Playing the Red Tree game.

Daddy and Sophia that is her favorite blankie by the way. I normally make her leave it at home.

Phil was climbing back up a hill and this is what Sophia was doing. I think she had a good time. :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our Week So Far...

We have had a wonderful week so far! It started out on Sunday with Sophia looking totally adorable in this new dress I got her. I actually found it at a consignment sale so I was really excited about that. Aubrey our minister also gave a wonderful sermon on words and how they affect people and relationships. Something I really need to work on. :) Monday was St. Patricks Day so we celebrated by going to a new pub in Senoia called Maguire's. We had a great time and met Carly and Robert there. The food was delicious and Sophia really enjoyed watching some young girls do celtic dancing. She was so cute to watch she acted like she wanted to be out there with them and probably would have if we had let her down. :)

Tuesday Sophia turned 15 months old!!! I can't believe my little girl has gotten so big. I was looking back at pictures from this time last year and it is amazing the difference. She is saying so many words now and definately has a mind of her own. She doesn't like it at all when I pick her up and carry her somewhere. She has recently learned how to climb onto the couch and has tried to dive off of it several times. I think she has finally figured out how to scoot off of it but still prefers to scare me by trying to dive off onto Cleveland's dog bed. :) On Wed. I had to take her to the doctor's office for her 15 month checkup. Phil usually comes with me but he had a meeting he had to go to so off I went by myself. I make Phil come with me because I hate to see Sophia cry and it helps to have him there. She did really well but cried a lot as expected. She started wimpering as soon as she saw the nurse. :) The doctor said that she looked great and would be getting two shots that day. The shots are the worse because I have to lay her down and then hold her arms so she doesn't hit the nurse while she is giving the shot. Oh I can't even look at her face it is so pitiful. She got over it pretty quick though when they handed her a sticker and she realized that we were leaving. :)

Now it is Thursday and we received a wonderful present from Phil's step grandfather. His name is Don and is a wonderful woodworker. He made a doll house for Sophia's cousin in England so he decided he wanted to make one for Sophia as well and send it over. When I was a little girl I wanted one of these doll houses because my babysitter had one so this is like a dream come true for me. :) It arrived today and it is just beautiful! I wasn't sure if Sophia would know what to do or if she would just ignore it but she has really enjoyed it and has looked at all the furniture and the little dolls he sent. She keeps making little noises like "oh" when she sees it. This is a very special present and it means so much that they would send it all the way from England.

Tomorrow is good friday and Phil has the day off so we plan to relax and try to take it easy. Hopefully we will do something fun on Saturday and then it is Easter on Sunday! Here are a few pics from this week I hope you all have a great weekend and Easter! I'm off to watch Dan in Real Life I'll let you know if it is any good. :)

The pretty girl in the pretty dress! Look how grown she looks!

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a green cup!

Sophia's Doll House. It came in a big box on a palate that we couldn't fit through the door so we had to open it and get it out in the driveway!

Sophia playing with her doll house. I think Don built all the furniture too! He did a wonderful job.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt and A Birthday Party!

We had a very social day today! Phil and I took Sophia to our churches Jesus Lambs Easter Egg hunt this morning and then this afternoon we went to Reagan's first birthday party. The Easter Egg hunt was a lot of fun and we think Sophia had a good time too. She ran around picking up all the plastic eggs. She mainly just wanted two one for each hand so she could bang them together. I managed to get her to put a few in her basket but then it was back to just carrying around two and putting those down when she found another one that she liked better. :) We all went inside after the egg hunt and had a very tasty lunch. This is the first day I think Sophia has really felt like herself so she ate ALOT! Phil had made her a grilled cheese sandwich before we left because I wasn't sure if she would eat anything they had at the party. Well she ate her grilled cheese sandwich, some cheese cubes, half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a yogurt cup, and some of a fruit cup I brought. She also drank all of her milk. We couldn't believe it she just kept going and going! She smiled most of the time we were there I say most of the time because she didn't like it one bit when I would have to pick her up and carry her somewhere. She is very independent right now and wants to walk herself everywhere. Most of the time it isn't where I want her to go though. :) She even smiled at the Easter Bunny. I was afraid she was going to run away crying but she walked right up to him and pointed and smiled. After the Jesus Lamb's party we took her home and she took a two hour nap YAY for wearing the baby out!

After her nap I basically snatched her up out of the crib and put her shoes on and off we were again to another fiesta! Our friends the Mong's daughter Reagan turned one on the 13th and they were having her birthday party today. We had a really good time! There were so many kids that Sophia didn't know what to do with herself. She loved playing with them and watching them. I even let her have a bite of cake but she was really more interested in the balloons. :) I've started calling her danger ball because the girl has no fear. She was off walking around Reagan's house stepping off ledges etc...if it is something I don't want her to do she is going to do it. Reagan seemed to be having a really good time too. She was so cute eating her cake! She was very nice and tidy about it as Phil said. :) I'm happy to also say that the rain held off for both events so we are very thankful for that. I hope you all had a nice Saturday as well!

Sophia picking up her two eggs.

I just thought this was cute of her and you get to see the dress she was wearing. :)

She stopped to smell and pick the flowers.

Swinging! Reagan got a new playset/swingset for her birthday.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Where have you been?!

I received a call from my mom the other day asking where we have been. She was concerned because I hadn't updated our blog in awhile or called. Well the answer is we have been sick. :( I've actually been sick for three weeks nows but thought it was allergies in the beginning then a head cold that I was going to let run its course. Well the course never ended and I finally went to the doctor yesterday. He told me I have a sinus infection. So now I look like I have my own private pharmacy in my kitchen. He wrote me scripts for antibiotics, cough syrup, nasonex, and some other mystery drug I'm not sure why I'm taking but I'm doing it anyway. I think it is for inflamation? But I'm feeling better today YAY! Sophia has also been sick. I guess because I wasn't feeling well for so long it was inevitable that Sophia was going to get it too. I could tell she wasn't feeling quite right on Friday but I thought she might be teething. Phil and I went out on a date that night and left her with a babysitter who said that after she put her down for bed she woke up crying about an hour later and that is unusual for Sophia. The next day was just horrid! She was in full on sick mode but didn't reach the peak until the BBQ we had planned to have a week ago with Emorie,Fernando, and Isabella. She started running a temp of 102 while they were here. Luckily I gave her some IBProfin and the temp came down quickly. She seems to be feeling better now. We have been running a humidifier that Emorie let us borrow and she just has a runny nose now. I think it is the crazy weather we are having that has made everyone so ill. It snowed the day we had planned the BBQ with the Vasquez's and it was in the high 60's two days later. Go Figure!

Phil managed to stay well this go around and Sophia and I are feeling better just in time because we have a very full weekend ahead of us! We are going to try out the new restaurant in Senoia tonight. It is called the Redneck Gourmet and if it is anything like the one in Newnan it should be pretty good. The Irish pub is opening on Monday also just in time for St. Patty's day so we may go and try that one out on Monday. Tomorrow our church is having their Jesus Lamb's easter egg hunt and I had planned to take Sophia. She went last year when she was about 4 months old so there should be a big difference this year. I'm still pretty sure she isn't going to give a hoot about the eggs but more easter candy for daddy. :) Then that afternoon we are going to our good friends the Mong's house because their daughter Reagan is turning one!! It should be a lot of fun. They have gotten Reagan a really nice playset and I can't wait to see the kids playing on it. I just hope the rain holds off until after the party. Then Sunday we have church and sunday school so I'm sure I'll being posting again soon and hopefully with lots of cute pictures.

Here are a few pics from I guess about a week ago now before Sophia got sick. It was one of the nice days and we were finally able to break out the Sand and Water Table we had gotten her for Christmas. She loved it and got drenched playing in the water. She liked taking the rake and putting it in the water and trying to drink the water. She would then go and put the rake in the sand and try to eat the sand. Ick! I can remeber getting sand in my mouth when I was a kid and hating it Sophia didn't seem to care. :) Enjoy and I hope you are all feeling well! :)

Playing in the water. It was a little windy that day.

Tasty Sand!

Breaking News: While I was writing this Sophia finally figured out how to get on her toy zebra that granddad and Angie got her. She actually got off too without face planting. She got on and off by herself awhile back before her first b-day but didn't do it very gracefully and face planted. :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Visited and Visiting

Sophia and I had a very nice Monday! The weather was just beautiful so we were definately outside today. This morning started out as usual though and I was getting Sophia ready to go to Home Depot to get some sand for her sand and water table that we got her for Christmas when my friend Emorie called and told me she wanted to meet me at my house for lunch. I was so glad she was coming over because with little ones we don't get to see each other as much anymore. We had a really nice visit and caught up on a lot of what was going on in each others lives. While Emorie was here Sophia was down for a nap and slept another 15 minutes after she left. So her total was probably an hour and 45 minutes which is really really good for Sophia.

When she woke up I had planned on going out to Home Depot to get the sand I needed but then another friend Courtney called and asked if Sophia and I would like to meet her and Mariah at the park. That sounded a whole lot more fun than buying sand so off we went oh well after a mac and cheese lunch. I had such a good time and I hope Courtney did too! Sophia ran around the park awhile while Courtney pushed Mariah in the swing. It is so funny to see kids around the age of 18 months to 3 years interact with each other. Each one is calling the other a baby. :) I mention this because there was a little girl about the age of 2 at the park that was very interested in meeting Mariah and Sophia. She was very cute and would run up to them and say hi! After the girls got done playing Courtney and I decided to go for a walk into town. As we were walking though Mariah fell asleep. She is a bit like Sophia in that you can't move her from one place to another without waking her up. So we decided to keep walking until she woke up on her own. Well we walked and walked and walked...we were out in Senoia for about 2 hours I think Mariah slept for at least an hour of that. Courtney said that was really good because she usually only sleeps for about 30 minutes. That little girl wore us out though my feet were hurting and Courtney's calves were burning. We finally decided to sit down and then Mariah woke up because the stroller stopped. :) We had a really good time though and got to talk a lot. Sophia loves being outside so she was enjoying the ride and any critter that passed by.

Well that was our day. My little one is asleep now and I'm getting ready to eat dinner. I hope you all have a nice evening. Oh I never did get my sand if you are wondering...maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

More pictures from this weekend

Here are a few more pictures from this weekend. Blogger wouldn't let me put them all in the same entry.

Here is a picture of Robert's grandmother's dog. Sophia scared this dog to death! She loves to squeal at things she likes and she definately liked this dog. He would tuck his tail under and run away from her. :)

Sophia playing in the golf cart. Just looking cute oh yea that is her baby leash oh I mean monkey backpack she is wearing. :)

Methodist church in Senoia. Some of the movie "Fighting Temptations" was filmed there.

Here comes the train! Choo choo!

After a long weekend all she needed was to take all her clothes off and have a nice cool glass of milk. Ahhhh!

Our Weekend

It has been such a wonderful weekend. The weather has finally warmed up,at least for the time being, so we were able to get out of the house and have some fun outdoors. On Saturday we went with our friends Robert and Carly to Robert's Grandmother's house. They have a pond in their backyard so we did a little fishing oh and when I say we I really mean they. :) I mainly watched after Sophia and made sure she didn't try to jump in. She really wasn't interested in the water though the thing that caught her eyes were the nice rocks! She toted around rocks off and on all afternoon and tried to eat a few as well. :) Whenever someone caught a fish they would show it to her and she would make all sorts of funny noises. After the fishing and rock gathering we went for a walk around two other bigger ponds. Sophia got to see her first heron...she really wasn't that impressed. That night we had Robert and Carly over to grill burgers and hot dogs. It was a really nice way to wrap up the day.

Today we went to church this morning and got to see all of our friends and hear a really wonderful speaker by the name of Harold Taylor. On Sunday we are guaranteed a nap because Sophia is usually so exhausted by the time church is over she will sleep two hours. YAY! So when we all woke up from our naps we all went for a walk and Robert came along. It was just to beautiful a day to stay inside. Phil and I took some photos of Senoia and just around town. Robert said we were being very artsy fartsy today. :) Here are a few pics from this weekend I hope you all had a good one too!

This is just an interesting little VW van we saw. Isn't it cute! Don't brake to hard though.

Sophia enjoying the grass, leaves and many many rocks.

Robert's first catch. He did catch a bass a little later but of course we didn't get a picture of that one.

artsy fartsy pictures of a drain in Senoia.

Spring is in the air!