Thursday, December 18, 2008

Morning at the Coffee Shop

Carly, Andrew, Sophia and I walked into town the other morning to go to the Coffee Shop. They have REALLY good coffee and the food is excellent too! They have cakes, pies, cookies and muffins on display and it is hard not to want to try one of everything. :)Both Sophia and Andrew have been going to this coffee shop since they were in the womb. The ladies that work there are really sweet and love both kids. They often give Sophia something free to eat when I'm just ordering coffee and don't seem to mind her running around. Anywho I took a few pictures while we were there and thought they were cute.

Andrew and Sophia hanging out at the Coffee Shop.

Sophia showing Andrew the bell the ladies working there that day gave her to play with. Is that fear I see in his eyes?!

More Birthday Pictures

Sophia opening one of her other presents. This is a Dora the Explorer bath toy. Our really nice neighbors brought this over for her. She has played with it every night since the party. :)

Sophia and her beloved crayons.

Sophia and Lorilie nudging Alex out of the way.

This isn't a very good picture but I thought it was cute because they were all coloring together.

Sophia's Birthday Party!!

I'm sorry this post has taken so long but I lost my camera this week and couldn't find it. Of course it had the camera card in it from the birthday party. I finally found it on the floor between the desk and filing drawer. This post is about Sophia's birthday party though so here are a few details and memorable moments. :)

I should really call this the party that almost didn't happen! Earlier in the week I noticed Sophia had a really runny nose but didn't think much of it. I thought she was probably getting another tooth or had some allergies. By the end of the week though she had a full blown cold. We ended up taking her to the doctor Friday morning and they said that it was basically a cold and that her left ear looked a little infected so they gave her some cough syrup (She can have this now that she is two! YAY!) and some amoxycillan which should take care of the ear infection. After her nap on Friday she seemed worse and was having trouble breathing. She seemed to be gasping for air. Phil and I put her humidifier in her room and prayed for the best that night. On top of all this Jennifer the lady I had coming as "entertainment" was also sick! We didn't know if we should cancel the party or not. My parents were coming to visit from out of town and it is a pretty long drive. I also didn't want to infect any other kiddos. By Saturday morning she seemed to be doing a bit better but we just took it easy and she ended up getting another bath which seemed to help with the breathing because of the steam. I ended up telling my parents not to come because we were still thinking about cancelling. The tipping point was when I called Kroger the local grocery to ask them if they had already started the party platters I had ordered. They said they had already finished two soooo we decided to have the party based on that fact. :)

It ended up being a lot of fun! I had Jennifer Stuart come she does a program called Tiny Tunes Music Time. Sophia goes to her classes on Friday mornings. They play instruments and dance around and she really loves it. Everyone came but one boy who was suffering with some sickness himself. The kiddos had fun dancing and playing. I think Tricia and Sophia started a game of chase because at one point I saw kids running through the living room and through the kitchen. :) At one point Cleveland, our dog, got released from the bedroom he was trapped in and the kids went wild. They chased him for a bit but were overall very good with him. I didn't see anyone try to pull his tail once. :) After Jennifer left the kids had cake and ice cream and played some more. Sophia didn't end up opening gifts until most people had left. Everyone was having a good time talking and the kids were playing that I hated to interrupt. Anyway Sophia hasn't really learned what a present is anyway. She opens one and then walks away. :) It was kind of funny she started opening presents and was doing a good job until she got to my friend Megan's present. Megan's present had a Mickey Mouse, a coloring book and some crayons....if you know Sophia you know she LOVES crayons!! She took off with them and the coloring book and I didn't see her again for awhile. Sophia and another girl named Lorilei stood next to the coffee table and colored together. It was really sweet but they kept shoving poor Alex Lorilei's brother out of the way. It turned out to be a really fun day!

Favor bags I made for the kids. They contain: A coloring book, crayons and some teddy grahams. Phil did the labels for me. :)

Sophia's Winnie-The-Pooh birthday cake. I thought they did a really good job with it and it tasted really good as well.

A Winnie-The-Pooh banner I bought and some pics of Sophia from this past year.

Jenny catching bubbles with the kids. I think this was the highlight for the kids. The parents were really impressed too! The bubbles didn't pop as easily as regular bubbles so they lasted longer and you could catch them on your fingers.

Check out the size of that piece of cake her daddy gave her! Talk about sugar high! :) Just so you know she didn't eat all of that probably not even half. Phil and I finished it up for her. :)

More Pictures from the Senoia Parade

Here are a few pictures I forgot to post from the Senoia Christmas Parade. I just thought they were cute. Sophia waited very patiently for the parade. She was happy to have her balloon and somewhere to sit. :)

Sophia had a good time riding on daddy's shoulders. I'm not really sure why Phil was hunched over so much...she could have been a bit heavy. :)

Hahaha! I just thought this was really funny and yes her mitten is on the wrong hand. :) She was eating apple slices so she took it off but it was SO cold that night I made her put it back on and I didn't care which way it went. :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Senoia Christmas Parade Through the Years.

Phil and I have been going to the Senoia Christmas Parade for four year now. Here is a look back through some of our family pictures taken at the parade.

This was taken the Christmas of 2005. I would find out the following March that I was pregnant. :)

This was taken the Christmas of 2006. I had already been scheduled to have Sophia on the 18th of this month. :)

Our first Christmas Parade picture with Sophia. She was just about to turn 1!!

This year! Sophia is going to be 2 very soon. We have recently found out that it is very hard to take a family picture with a toddler. :)

We hope you are all having a nice December! Ours has gotten started off good and we are getting ready to have Sophia's birthday party next weekend. We should have plenty of pictures to post then. :)

What does the horse say?

Phil and I took Sophia to the Annual Senoia Christmas Parade this past Saturday. We have a lot of fun every year and this year was even more fun because they had pony rides for the kiddos. Sophia had a really good time and waved at her daddy as we walked passed and did her chitter chatter to the pony as he walked. She even petted his mane when I put her on and got her off. I was very proud of her when her turn was up she didn't cry or whine. I told her to say goodbye to the pony and she did and that was the end of it. :) While she was riding the pony I was trying to teach her what horses say. She knows a lot of animal noises but has never seemed to master the horse noise. So I told her that a horse says neigh and then asked her "What does a horse say Sophia?" She told me heigh!! :) The way she says it is very cute! It sounds like Fonze from Happy Days is saying it. :) So of course I have her say it over and over now I'm going to try to get it on video so I can post it on here.

Here are a few pics from Sophia riding the ponies.

She had just gotten on the pony here and I was trying to show her where to hold on at. This lady worked at the pony ride and just thought Sophia was cute. :)

Riding the pony. Notice that they put little Santa hats on the ponies. I thought it was cute...the pony probably hated it. :)

Monday, December 1, 2008


This is what I saw while I was drying my hair Sunday morning:

They looked so cute sitting together. Sophia was coloring and watching cartoons and then decided she rather snuggle with daddy. Can you tell she had some blueberries for breakfast?!

Look what GA. Nanny Made Me!!

When my mom came up and visted Sophia and I in August we made a few dresses for Sophia. I made the Halloween candy corn pillowcase dress and this is what Nanny made:

I just love the heart buttons!

Couldn't resist posting this...she was pouting because I wanted to take her picture. I only got these two pictures after chasing her around the house a few times. She seems to run from the camera these days. :)