Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Dinner/Funny Find Pics

Well here are a few pics of our Easter Dinner. Phil and I decided to have roast lamb with yorkshire pudding and veg. We had this great idea because we are now able to buy mint sauce at the local Publix. :) Phil was very excited that Sophia loved her lamb that he took a few pics to show her British family. We thought y'all would be proud. :)

Take a bite of lamb....

Yummmm!! She ate quite a bit of it. :)

To much mint sauce!! LOL!

Now this is the funny find! We went to the Sharpsburg Spring festival today. Sharpsburg is just a real little town down the road from Senoia and yes it is even smaller than Senoia if you can believe it. :) We were walking a long and Phil spotted this....

Just kind of odd how it would be up here and let alone dated in 1978!! So of course we bought it and now are looking for somewhere to hang it. If some of you reading don't know I was raised in St. Marys GA and born in 1978. :) Hope you are all having a nice weekend!! The weather is finally nice here so we let Sophia paint outside while Phil grilled steak for dinner Yummy!! :) She is also really into soccer these days I'm trying to find a league that will take 2 year olds....Do you think Manchester United is ready for her?! :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Here are a few pics of Sophia in her new Easter dress. My sister sent her this dress and she looked adorable in it. :) No family photo this year. Sophia is old enough to not want to stand still long enough. We can't even hold her because she wants to get down during the pic...oh well there is always next year. We haven't done a lot today just church and then went to lunch with our friends Kandis, Dan and their little girl Reagan. Phil is going to make a lamb roast tonight that I'm very excited about!! We even have mint sauce to go with it...Publix has got a really good International aisle now and just in time because World Market just closed. Anyway I hope you are all having a great Easter we are just taking it easy.

Sophia doing her favorite thing...jumping!!

Not sure what this look was for I was inside but I thought it was cute. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Noah's Ark

Okay so we are having a really busy week! Linda's Playhouse yesterday and today I took her to Noah's Ark with my MOMS Club. Noah's Ark is an animal rehabilitation center. It was free to get in they just ask for a donation of any denomination. It was a lot of fun and we saw a lot of different animals. Some of them were even roaming around the grounds like peacocks, dear and hogs. We even got to pet the dear the first time I've ever been able to do that. They also had black bears, llamas, tigers, emus and several others. I wore poor Sophia out though I didn't take her stroller figuring she would want to run around but by the end she was wanting me to carry her.:) We will definitely be visiting here again.

I'm not sure if you can see this bear very clearly but he is just chilling out. :) He has his hands in his lap and he head leaned back. :)

I thought it was sweet that they were holding hands while we walked.

Peacock that followed us for awhile.

Ostrich to the left...the fencing made it hard to get a good pic but at least it kept Sophia from getting her hand pecked. :)

Girls checking out the Emus. No double fencing here not sure why they looked scarier than the Ostrich.

Jesus Lamb's Playdate

Yesterday our Jesus Lamb's group met at Linda's Playhouse. This used to be a scrapbook store (Angie you will remember it) but they have recently turned it into a playhouse for children. They have different stations setup all over the place like dress up, pretend shopping store, an arts and craft area etc. I've taken Sophia before and spent three hours there without realizing it! We had a great time and Sophia actually let me dress her up as Tinkerbell of course she had to add a cowgirl hat to the mix. :) It was good getting to meet with this group of ladies. Everyone's lives are so busy it was nice to get to catch up. Here are a few pics from yesterday and a video of Sophia twirling. :)

Sophia's version of Tinkerbell. :)

She loves this costume. She stood and stared at herself for a long time.

LOL! Reagan had just planted a big kiss on Sophia and was very pleased about it. After I took this pic Sophia wiped her mouth off with her sleave. :)

Tea anyone??

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sophia Playing

Little video of Sophia playing with "Brown Bear" He is a puppet she got recently at puddle jumpers. Sorry about the shaky camera work it is hard to play and video at the same time. :) Enjoy!

More Easter Pics

This one made me laugh because I have a pic of myself doing something very similar when I was hunting eggs one year. :) She found an egg where I didn't though.

Finally got a shot of her holding her basket.

I love this one!

Bringing some eggs to her basket.

This is Sophia's friend Mariah...I thought this was a cute pic of her that Phil took.

Jesus Lamb's Easter Party

This past Saturday we finally got a break in all this wetness just in time for the Jesus Lamb's Easter Party! I think everyone had a great time I know Sophia did. When we got there they had different stations setup for the kids. Painting, bubbles, pin the tail on the bunny, egg toss and carrying an egg on a spoon. We spent most of our time painting and blowing bubbles. :) After awhile the Easter Bunny came out and I thought for sure Sophia would want nothing to do with him. She shocked up though because as soon as she saw him she wanted to get in his lap!! She loved that Easter Bunny and visted him multiple times and asked him to come blow bubbles with her. :) I think she just knows the candy is really good at Easter time. :)

We hunted the Easter eggs after lunch and Sophia really got it this year. Last year she had just turned one a few months before and would just pick up one Easter egg and hold onto it for dear life! This year she ran around like a mad woman scooping up eggs. Phil joked that she was very efficient because she would leave her basket and scoop up several eggs and then come back to put them in the basket. :) Here are some great pics Phil took of her while at the party. He also took some great ones of our friends children as well! I hope you all have a great Easter!!

Sophia doing her favorite activity. This is the first time she had used watercolors...she mainly just painted her picture wet. :)

Sophia with the Easter Bunny! I still can't believe it.

Sorry this one is not cropped yet but I thought it was really cute.

Double Trouble!

Cute Picture of Reagan.

Reagan's Birthday Party

Okay so I know a lot of you have already seen these photos since I have posted them on facebook already. But I thought I should post them on here as well. :) We went to our good friend Reagan's birthday party back in March. She was turning two and had her party at McDonald's. This was a GREAT idea because there was no setup or cleanup on the parents party YAY! I think I'm going to steal this idea from Kandis and have Sophia's party there next year. We had a great time Sophia loves the food there so she and Phil chowed down. She also got a treat bag with stickers, toy and a McDonalds pirate hat argh! After eating the kids got cake and ice cream. I haven't had McDonalds ice cream in ages and had forgotten how good it actually is. It probably should have stayed forgotten seeing as there is a McDonalds right up the road from our house. :) Reagan didn't particulary like having the Happy Birthday song sung to her and started crying. She soon got over it though when they got to play in the play place. I made Phil climb up in there with Sophia lol!:) After splitting her head open I'm on pins and needles whenever Sophia climbs, jumps or runs. :) She did great though but she wore her poor daddy out and started crying when it was time to go...a true sign of a great party. Here are a few pics.

Sophia yelling for me from inside the play place. :)

Pirate Sophia double fisting it! We've got ice cream on our right and cake on our left YUM! :)

Sophia and Austin

Sophia and the birthday girl. Happy Birthday Reagan!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

This is a video of Sophia painting and saying some words that I think are really cute. I love the way she says orange. :) Enjoy!