Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reagan's Birthday Party

Okay so I know a lot of you have already seen these photos since I have posted them on facebook already. But I thought I should post them on here as well. :) We went to our good friend Reagan's birthday party back in March. She was turning two and had her party at McDonald's. This was a GREAT idea because there was no setup or cleanup on the parents party YAY! I think I'm going to steal this idea from Kandis and have Sophia's party there next year. We had a great time Sophia loves the food there so she and Phil chowed down. She also got a treat bag with stickers, toy and a McDonalds pirate hat argh! After eating the kids got cake and ice cream. I haven't had McDonalds ice cream in ages and had forgotten how good it actually is. It probably should have stayed forgotten seeing as there is a McDonalds right up the road from our house. :) Reagan didn't particulary like having the Happy Birthday song sung to her and started crying. She soon got over it though when they got to play in the play place. I made Phil climb up in there with Sophia lol!:) After splitting her head open I'm on pins and needles whenever Sophia climbs, jumps or runs. :) She did great though but she wore her poor daddy out and started crying when it was time to go...a true sign of a great party. Here are a few pics.

Sophia yelling for me from inside the play place. :)

Pirate Sophia double fisting it! We've got ice cream on our right and cake on our left YUM! :)

Sophia and Austin

Sophia and the birthday girl. Happy Birthday Reagan!!

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