Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jesus Lamb's Playdate

Yesterday our Jesus Lamb's group met at Linda's Playhouse. This used to be a scrapbook store (Angie you will remember it) but they have recently turned it into a playhouse for children. They have different stations setup all over the place like dress up, pretend shopping store, an arts and craft area etc. I've taken Sophia before and spent three hours there without realizing it! We had a great time and Sophia actually let me dress her up as Tinkerbell of course she had to add a cowgirl hat to the mix. :) It was good getting to meet with this group of ladies. Everyone's lives are so busy it was nice to get to catch up. Here are a few pics from yesterday and a video of Sophia twirling. :)

Sophia's version of Tinkerbell. :)

She loves this costume. She stood and stared at herself for a long time.

LOL! Reagan had just planted a big kiss on Sophia and was very pleased about it. After I took this pic Sophia wiped her mouth off with her sleave. :)

Tea anyone??

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