Sunday, December 5, 2010


We had a very crazy/busy Saturday but it was really a lot of fun! We started off by celebrating Sophia's 4th birthday party at Jumping Jellybeans in Peachtree City. I think she had a lot of fun with her friends. She always loves to jump and almost everyone came. This is such a busy time of year it gets really hard trying to plan a birthday party in the mix.

Sophia and Sophie...they met at ballet. :)

One of Sophia's very good friends Blythe. She is just so cute I had to share her picture.

This is a group shot taken by the staff. It's a little grainy/blurry but it will be nice to have in her photo album.

This one made me laugh!

The highly anticipated Princess Cake. She LOVED it!!

After the party was over we rushed back down to Senoia to have Sophia's picture taken with Santa at You're Invited. We got there early and the staff was nice enough to go ahead and let us go first. Sophia loves Santa now..there was a time that if he just looked at her she would cry. Granted I think that time was when she was two and I would have cried as well. :) She got to tell him everything she wanted and even told him about her birthday party. Pictures will come later for that it was a package deal so we have to wait on pics.

After we left Santa we went home to rest for about an hour and then we were off to another birthday party in Fayetteville at Chuck E Cheese. There are also no pictures from this event just because if you have ever been to a Chuck E. Cheese you know how crazy it can get and especially on a Saturday. Sophia did have a lot of fun and got to play almost every game. She was really tired by this point though and we did have a few meltdowns. We left before cake and opening presents because we were meeting Phil in Senoia for the Christmas parade.

Sophia fell asleep in the way home and I think the power nap did her a bit of good because she was acting better at the parade. If you have read my blog for very long you know this is a yearly tradition for us. We have pics of ourselves at this parade from 2005 when we were thinking about having a baby. It is fun to see how we and Sophia have changed every year. Sophia's new tradition is getting to ride the ponies at Memorial Day and Christmas. They bring the same ponies to both events and her favorite is Razzle. Luckily she has always been able to ride him. I think she thinks he is her horse. :)

Sophia riding Razzle...I'll have to find a picture where you can see him.
A few cute pics Phil took of Reagan and Sophia while Kandis and I were getting cotton candy.

So that was our Saturday very fun but I was wiped by the end! :) I hope you all had a nice Saturday as well!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Card Pictures

Last weekend we decided to finally get our holiday cheer in gear and get a photo for our Christmas card this year. Whoa that was a lot of rhyming!

In the perfect world we would have a family photo but that is a little complicated even when setting a timer. So we normally just put Sophia on our card..and lets face it she really is the cutest out of the three of us. :) Here are a few of our favorites:

These next three were suppose to be her 4 year old pictures but they turned out so cute we may use one of them. The lighting that day was great!

So I haven't actually shown you the one we picked you will just have to wait for your card in the mail. :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dusting off the ol' blog

I haven't posted in awhile and I really don't have a good excuse I just wasn't motivated. We have done a lot of things and most of the post worthy I just was in a blogging slump. So I'm officially dusting off my blog and am going to try to get better about posting. I should also have more to blog about now since the holidays are fast approaching!

We have been very busy around here lately. We went to visit Phil's family in England in the middle of October. Then when we got back it was time for Halloween!! Those of you who know me know I LOVE Halloween it really is my favorite Holiday. This year Sophia decided that she wanted to be Captain Hook. She has been obsessed with the Peter Pan story lately and I thought for sure she would want to be Wendy or Tinker Bell. I was absolutely floored when she announced she wanted to be Captain Hook. So here is Sophia aka Captain Hook:

Scary isn't she?

The biggest event for us in October was going to England. This was Sophia's very first flight. Yep I know we do it right..just go ahead and start her out with an eight hour flight. Luckily it went well and she slept pretty good on the flight and only got antzy when it was about time to land and who wouldn't be after sitting that long. We had a lot of fun and the time change didn't really mess with us that bad. It was nice seeing all of Phil's family again most of them haven't even met Sophia. She also got to see two real castles. I actually think the second one she liked more because she had more freedom to run around and there was basically no one there. Leed's was very nice but very busy. They have a great play area for the kids though and a very confusing hedge maze. Instead of posting a lot of photos Phil made this really great video that sums up our trip in about three minutes.

So that is a bit of a catch up for now. I need to get little bit up from her nap. I will post about Savannah tomorrow!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dinosaur Train!

Sophia loves dinosaurs! I'm not afraid to say that Sophia will play dress up and primp as much as the next girl but she also loves trucks and especially dinosaurs! So I was so excited today when I went to Target to buy a birthday present for another little girl and stumbled across these:

These dinosaurs are great and they interact with one another! They tell you facts about the type of dinosaur they are. They also roar and sing the dinosaur train song together. We spent a good half hour playing with these. :) I loved them so much I wanted to tell all of you about them as go have fun and play!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Rock Ranch

Also in July a bunch my friends and I took our kiddos to the Rock Ranch. If you have never been before I highly recommend it! It was 8 dollars to get in kids 3 and under are free. You also get to bring your own food in so you don't have to pay for food if you don't want to. There is sooo much to do there as well you really get your moneys worth. They are closed now though until the fall.

Kandis and I went last year and loved it. This year my friend Emorie was looking for something to do for her little girl Isabella's birthday and I recommended this. We had such a good time even though it was sweltering HOT that day.

It is easier to tell you about our day through the pictures. :)

Sophia, Addison and part of Kandis jumping on the jump pillow. :)

They had several educational areas where they taught the kids how to milk a cow, composting, and facts about chickens. They also would let you feed the different animals they have. The goat enclosure is my favorite they have different ramps and platforms to walk up to.

Here is the b-day girl holding a crazy looking chicken.

Sophia was in love with this donkey and I think it loved her too.

They were learning about composting...this was their favorite part..holding the worms.

These little goats were so cute!

The highlight of the day we did this twice.

They had an area called Tiny Town and it was so much fun! I wish I had taken a picture of the whole thing but basically it is a bunch of small buildings set up as a town. They had a bank, hotel, fire station, church etc. and you know the best thing?? They were all Air Conditioned!!! :) The girls had a blast running to each one and seeing what was inside.

Here they are at the hotel.

Sophia leading a song at church. :)

My personal favorite is this corn house. It doesn't sound very nice but you have got to try it out. I want one for my backyard! It was so relaxing and the girls just love playing in it...make sure you shake your shorts out when you climb out though. :)

See how pink she was..It was Hot with a capital H! I thought this was pretty cute of her though.

The last think we did was the train ride around the Ranch...we got a little breeze and cooled off.

There were several other things to do there was well such as cane pole fishing, paddle boats, little race cars the kids could peddle. Also in the Fall they have a corn maze. Here is my post from last year as well. We had a great time and will be back in the Fall!

4th of July Weekend

For the 4th of July weekend Phil, Sophia and I went down to my parents house in St. Marys to visit them. We had a great weekend visiting with them and it was nice being in my hometown as well. I don't know why but I really want Sophia to like St. Marys as much as I do. I really love the downtown area with all the historical houses and moss covered trees. It is also where Phil and I were married and really represents coastal Georgia well to me.

While we were there we took Sophia to the annual 4th of July parade. I think she had a lot of fun and was definitely on a sugar high with all the candy she caught. Also while we were there my mom opened her store The Owl's Nest so check it out if you are in the downtown St. Marys area it is really cute oh and she is also on facebook. :)

Sophia humouring me while she waits on more flying candy and beads.

The child LOVES popcorn!

While we were visiting my family we decided to take Sophia to Jekyll Island. Sophia loves the beach just about as much as she loves popcorn. She is all about jumping in the waves and playing in the sand I think she would have stayed out there until the sun went down. Ever since going she has been having "Beach Parties" at our house. :)

These are big waves for Jekyll and she thought they were great!

This makes me laugh everytime...Sophia trying to stop the waves.

We passed this sign when we were leaving and I laughed so hard I made Phil take a picture. :)

Way Back at the Beginning of July...

Way back at the beginning of July our church had their Vacation Bible School. Sophia looks forward to this every year and especially this year. They have a theme every year last year it was climbing faith moutain and the youth intern dressed up like a mountain man. She asked me all week where the mountain man was and when he was coming. To bad this year the theme was water and the intern was dressed in scuba gear. :)

We had a lot of fun and I'm always impressed at how everyone always goes all out decorating their room. They also added a jump castle and dunk tank for the last night of VBS.
Here are a few pictures from the week:
Picture of the girls waiting to jump.

Sophia concentrating hard on her fishing pole.

Scuba Steve and Sophia. :)

The girls casting their net on the other side.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Water Fun!

On Tuesday Sophia and I met up with some friends at the Carl Miller Park in Newnan. In an effort to try to keep cool and let the girls burn off some energy we took them to this great park. They have wonderful playgrounds one for younger children and then a wooden castle one for the older children to play on. They also have a great walking path around the park. But my favorite thing is what Sophia calls "the sprinklers." They have this big area where water sprays up out of the ground when you push a button. The water will stop eventually and the kids think it is fun to see who can get to the button first.

Here are a few pictures from our fun morning!

Sophia's alter ego Hollywood. :)

Alicia, Reagan and Sophia

Isn't she just the cutest thing ever!! I love little Juju!

Sophia, Juju, Izzy and Reagan in the background being a monkey. :)

This is the best group shot I could get...three out of four looking at the camera isn't bad. :)

Reagan being Jane of the Jungle. Emorie has a pergola at her house with wisteria growing up it..Reagan is swinging from the vines. :)