Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Rock Ranch

Also in July a bunch my friends and I took our kiddos to the Rock Ranch. If you have never been before I highly recommend it! It was 8 dollars to get in kids 3 and under are free. You also get to bring your own food in so you don't have to pay for food if you don't want to. There is sooo much to do there as well you really get your moneys worth. They are closed now though until the fall.

Kandis and I went last year and loved it. This year my friend Emorie was looking for something to do for her little girl Isabella's birthday and I recommended this. We had such a good time even though it was sweltering HOT that day.

It is easier to tell you about our day through the pictures. :)

Sophia, Addison and part of Kandis jumping on the jump pillow. :)

They had several educational areas where they taught the kids how to milk a cow, composting, and facts about chickens. They also would let you feed the different animals they have. The goat enclosure is my favorite they have different ramps and platforms to walk up to.

Here is the b-day girl holding a crazy looking chicken.

Sophia was in love with this donkey and I think it loved her too.

They were learning about composting...this was their favorite part..holding the worms.

These little goats were so cute!

The highlight of the day we did this twice.

They had an area called Tiny Town and it was so much fun! I wish I had taken a picture of the whole thing but basically it is a bunch of small buildings set up as a town. They had a bank, hotel, fire station, church etc. and you know the best thing?? They were all Air Conditioned!!! :) The girls had a blast running to each one and seeing what was inside.

Here they are at the hotel.

Sophia leading a song at church. :)

My personal favorite is this corn house. It doesn't sound very nice but you have got to try it out. I want one for my backyard! It was so relaxing and the girls just love playing in it...make sure you shake your shorts out when you climb out though. :)

See how pink she was..It was Hot with a capital H! I thought this was pretty cute of her though.

The last think we did was the train ride around the Ranch...we got a little breeze and cooled off.

There were several other things to do there was well such as cane pole fishing, paddle boats, little race cars the kids could peddle. Also in the Fall they have a corn maze. Here is my post from last year as well. We had a great time and will be back in the Fall!

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