Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Little Freaked Out!

So I definitely needed a cup of coffee this morning but didn't have the time to brew some and didn't want to waste a whole pot so I decided "hey Chic Fil A has good coffee I'll go there!" I looked a hot mess because I had to rush out this morning to get Sophia to school so I went through the drive thru. Can you imagine my shock when I pull up and there is a little person looking at me on the screen! They have a screen on their intercom now! I'm not sure why this threw me for such a big loop but I couldn't look the person in the eye I was so embarrassed. I'm sure the person saw straight up my nose because I was looking off in the distance and some imaginary thing. After I left I called myself a big goober because they see you when they hand you your food anyway. I just couldn't/can't figure out why it bothered me but it did and I still am just a little freaked out! :)

Does anyone elses Chic Fil A have the video intercom??

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Baby Girl

A few pictures of my sweet girl that Phil has taken lately. Sophia has recently really bonded with Cleveland. She actually asked for Phil to take this picture of her and Cleveland.

I wanted some updated pictures of Sophia to put around the house and this is one of my favorites that Phil took. I love the braided pigtails!

Cheeky Monkey...look at those crossed legs no one told her to do that. :)

My friend Carly recently had a baby girl named Kendall. Sophia loves her..this is Sophia checking up on Kendall seeing what she is doing. :)

Fire Station Visit and Going Fishin

The day after we got back from visiting my parents Sophia and I went on a field trip with my MOMS Club to the Fire Station. I think everyone had a great time and the guys that gave us the tour were really nice. The kids got to climb on the fire truck, turn on the sirens, spray a small water hose and put on their gear if they wanted to. We had a good turnout for this one and that always makes me happy seeing as I'm field trip coordinator. :)

Sophia on the fire truck..she was a little shy at first but soon got over it.

She was pleased as punch about getting to honk the horn. The only thing she said to me was "I wasn't shy mommy" lol

Photo op..there were more kiddos but we couldn't wrangle them all.

Sophia has recently gotten her first fishing pole as well. Phil has been asking her for awhile if she wanted to go fishing and she kept saying yes so we thought we would try it out. So off to Target we went and she picked out a pink and purple princess fishing rod. There is also a little crown weight that came with it so she could practice casting. She is doing pretty good casting sometimes she forgets to let go of the button and it doesn't go anywhere. As of now we are still practicing and she hasn't gotten a real hook...that may be awhile. She still has a lot of fun though and I don't think she knows the difference really.

She has her chair and fishing rod...all set!

Phil trying out Sophia's princess fishing rod. :)

April Trip to Nanny and Poppa's!

In April we have also taken a trip down to St. Marys to see my parents. Sophia and I did the trip by ourselves this time and she was a real trooper. Our car DVD player doesn't work anymore so I just took a bag full of things for her to do and layed it on its side so she could get to them easily. She is really in love with books on CD these days and thanks to Chic fil A I have a whole slew of Between the Lions CDs and One Little Mermaid one that my friend Emorie gave me. So we listened to those A LOT! The other thing that was great is Sophia got one of those TAG reading pens for Christmas last year and three or four books. So she spent a lot of time playing with those as well.

This was also our first trip where she has been potty trained. I wont lie was I was really nervous about this. I mean how do you find an exit and a gas station quick enough!! Luckily she did great and because I have to go so often myself she just went whenever I did. :) It was really an enjoyable 5 hour drive...even though I-16 just about puts me to sleep everytime.

We had a great time while we were down there and of course Sophia was spoiled rotten. My mom got her a new outfit and a Melissa and Doug dress up doll set for her Easter present. We also went to a really cute cafe downtown called the Mad Hatter it was really yummy!

While we were there my mom and I took Sophia to the beach. We tried going swimming in the pool but it felt like ice water whenever I put my feet in. I thought maybe the beach would be better. Ummm not really it was still really really cold but Sophia loved it and once your feet went numb you couldn't tell how cold it was. :)

Sophia modeling her new swimsuit for me...so stinkin cute! I can't believe how growny she is getting!

I've got my bucket I'm ready to go!

She loved playing in the sand and then running and rinsing off in the water.

An ice cream treat when we got back.

Sophia's School Easter Party and Putt Putt Fun!

Here are a few pictures from Sophia's school Easter Party. For this age group the party consist of a snack usually with a little something special this time it was an egg shapped little debbie cake, a goodie bag, and this time an Easter Egg hunt.

Sophia sitting with her friend Maihle. I think it is so sweet how excited they get when parents show up. I'm enjoying it now because I know it wont last forever.

Mrs. Schultz keeping her ducks in a row.

So I don't know what Sophia's favorite part of school is but the crafts she brings home are my favorite! Isn't this the cutest milk jug you have ever seen! It was their Easter basket.

Sophia and her good friend Judd playing in the sand. I sure hope the two of these cuties are in the same class again next year she talks about him all the time!!

A few days later we decided to take Sophia to play putt putt. She had been talking about how they got to play golf at school so I thought she would like to do it again. The only outdoor putt putt in the area is in Fayetteville at Dixie Land Funpark but they weren't open yet for the season. So instead we took her to Junction Lanes in Newnan. They have an indoor putt putt golf with blacklights. She had a lot of fun and it was interesting to see how she got it to the hole.

I'm thinking we need to work on her technique a little. She never did do what I call the rake it in move...I was a pro at that one!

Whoo was it hot in there..not sure if it was the blacklights or what. Sophia has naturally wavy hair so the heat was making it kink up here pretty funny.

While she was waiting she worked on her balance beam routine.

For a treat we took her to get ice cream across the street...I really should have sent Phil back to scrape half of this off but it was to late she had already seen it.
The beginning..nice and clean.

The middle...all I could think about was how I was going to get the stains out.

The end...I gave up worrying and just let her be. She got a good dunk in the bathtub when we got home though.

Noah's Ark

Back at the beginning of April I took Sophia to Noah's Ark with my MOMS Club. We went once last year and loved it so we thought we would go again. This place is fabulous because it has a lot of the same animals as the zoo but it is also wide open and there are a lot of grassy areas for the kids to run around in. Which is great for three year olds with lots of energy. I definitely recommend Noah's Ark as a place to visit!

The Emu and Sophia checking each other out. I told her to keep her hands to herself because Emus peck sometimes that is why she looks like she is mad. I was right though she had her foot up there at one point and the Emu pecked at it which she thought was hilarious!

Attempt #1 at a group shot...I'll spare you the others this was the best.

These peacocks just roamed around the park very cool.

Okay so I have had the best giggle over this poor Llama! Poor thing must have just gotten sheered. It was good to show Sophia the Llama though because she loves the Llama Llama book series.

So of course Sophia crashed when she got in the car but she was ready to go when we got home and thought it would be a good idea to put her Snow White dress up clothes on and follow her dad around while he cut the grass. Man I wish I had her energy!

A VERY late Easter post!

Easter was a lot of fun this year! We didn't do a lot the day of but we did take her to our church Easter Party the week before. The parties for the kiddos at our church are always so much fun and yet again this year they out did themselves! They had waterpaints, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and the hit of the party this inflatable jump slide:

After everyone played for awhile it was on to the egg hunt. Sophia was really excited about the hunt this year and as you can tell from her basket she scooped up a lot!

While everyone hunted eggs the Easter Bunny showed up to celebrate as well. Sophia LOVES the Easter Bunny always has...Santa on the otherhand she only learned to love last year.
If anyone recognizes the dress it is because it was her Easter dress last year. I didn't ever buy her one this year and she remembered this one from last year. She told me the day of the party she wanted to wear her Easter dress and proceeded to pull this one out. I'm really amazed at the things she remembers now...I'm going to have to be extra careful!

I'm Going to Target!

Did you know about all the fun things there are to do inside Target?? Here are a couple of pics from our recent visit.....
Here she is modeling the new look for the Spring/Summer season.

Oh and so you know yes I do carry around my camera in my purse for moments just like this!