Sunday, April 25, 2010

A VERY late Easter post!

Easter was a lot of fun this year! We didn't do a lot the day of but we did take her to our church Easter Party the week before. The parties for the kiddos at our church are always so much fun and yet again this year they out did themselves! They had waterpaints, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and the hit of the party this inflatable jump slide:

After everyone played for awhile it was on to the egg hunt. Sophia was really excited about the hunt this year and as you can tell from her basket she scooped up a lot!

While everyone hunted eggs the Easter Bunny showed up to celebrate as well. Sophia LOVES the Easter Bunny always has...Santa on the otherhand she only learned to love last year.
If anyone recognizes the dress it is because it was her Easter dress last year. I didn't ever buy her one this year and she remembered this one from last year. She told me the day of the party she wanted to wear her Easter dress and proceeded to pull this one out. I'm really amazed at the things she remembers now...I'm going to have to be extra careful!

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