Sunday, April 25, 2010

April Trip to Nanny and Poppa's!

In April we have also taken a trip down to St. Marys to see my parents. Sophia and I did the trip by ourselves this time and she was a real trooper. Our car DVD player doesn't work anymore so I just took a bag full of things for her to do and layed it on its side so she could get to them easily. She is really in love with books on CD these days and thanks to Chic fil A I have a whole slew of Between the Lions CDs and One Little Mermaid one that my friend Emorie gave me. So we listened to those A LOT! The other thing that was great is Sophia got one of those TAG reading pens for Christmas last year and three or four books. So she spent a lot of time playing with those as well.

This was also our first trip where she has been potty trained. I wont lie was I was really nervous about this. I mean how do you find an exit and a gas station quick enough!! Luckily she did great and because I have to go so often myself she just went whenever I did. :) It was really an enjoyable 5 hour drive...even though I-16 just about puts me to sleep everytime.

We had a great time while we were down there and of course Sophia was spoiled rotten. My mom got her a new outfit and a Melissa and Doug dress up doll set for her Easter present. We also went to a really cute cafe downtown called the Mad Hatter it was really yummy!

While we were there my mom and I took Sophia to the beach. We tried going swimming in the pool but it felt like ice water whenever I put my feet in. I thought maybe the beach would be better. Ummm not really it was still really really cold but Sophia loved it and once your feet went numb you couldn't tell how cold it was. :)

Sophia modeling her new swimsuit for stinkin cute! I can't believe how growny she is getting!

I've got my bucket I'm ready to go!

She loved playing in the sand and then running and rinsing off in the water.

An ice cream treat when we got back.

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