Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fire Station Visit and Going Fishin

The day after we got back from visiting my parents Sophia and I went on a field trip with my MOMS Club to the Fire Station. I think everyone had a great time and the guys that gave us the tour were really nice. The kids got to climb on the fire truck, turn on the sirens, spray a small water hose and put on their gear if they wanted to. We had a good turnout for this one and that always makes me happy seeing as I'm field trip coordinator. :)

Sophia on the fire truck..she was a little shy at first but soon got over it.

She was pleased as punch about getting to honk the horn. The only thing she said to me was "I wasn't shy mommy" lol

Photo op..there were more kiddos but we couldn't wrangle them all.

Sophia has recently gotten her first fishing pole as well. Phil has been asking her for awhile if she wanted to go fishing and she kept saying yes so we thought we would try it out. So off to Target we went and she picked out a pink and purple princess fishing rod. There is also a little crown weight that came with it so she could practice casting. She is doing pretty good casting sometimes she forgets to let go of the button and it doesn't go anywhere. As of now we are still practicing and she hasn't gotten a real hook...that may be awhile. She still has a lot of fun though and I don't think she knows the difference really.

She has her chair and fishing rod...all set!

Phil trying out Sophia's princess fishing rod. :)

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