Sunday, April 25, 2010

Noah's Ark

Back at the beginning of April I took Sophia to Noah's Ark with my MOMS Club. We went once last year and loved it so we thought we would go again. This place is fabulous because it has a lot of the same animals as the zoo but it is also wide open and there are a lot of grassy areas for the kids to run around in. Which is great for three year olds with lots of energy. I definitely recommend Noah's Ark as a place to visit!

The Emu and Sophia checking each other out. I told her to keep her hands to herself because Emus peck sometimes that is why she looks like she is mad. I was right though she had her foot up there at one point and the Emu pecked at it which she thought was hilarious!

Attempt #1 at a group shot...I'll spare you the others this was the best.

These peacocks just roamed around the park very cool.

Okay so I have had the best giggle over this poor Llama! Poor thing must have just gotten sheered. It was good to show Sophia the Llama though because she loves the Llama Llama book series.

So of course Sophia crashed when she got in the car but she was ready to go when we got home and thought it would be a good idea to put her Snow White dress up clothes on and follow her dad around while he cut the grass. Man I wish I had her energy!

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