Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Little Freaked Out!

So I definitely needed a cup of coffee this morning but didn't have the time to brew some and didn't want to waste a whole pot so I decided "hey Chic Fil A has good coffee I'll go there!" I looked a hot mess because I had to rush out this morning to get Sophia to school so I went through the drive thru. Can you imagine my shock when I pull up and there is a little person looking at me on the screen! They have a screen on their intercom now! I'm not sure why this threw me for such a big loop but I couldn't look the person in the eye I was so embarrassed. I'm sure the person saw straight up my nose because I was looking off in the distance and some imaginary thing. After I left I called myself a big goober because they see you when they hand you your food anyway. I just couldn't/can't figure out why it bothered me but it did and I still am just a little freaked out! :)

Does anyone elses Chic Fil A have the video intercom??

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