Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sophia's School Easter Party and Putt Putt Fun!

Here are a few pictures from Sophia's school Easter Party. For this age group the party consist of a snack usually with a little something special this time it was an egg shapped little debbie cake, a goodie bag, and this time an Easter Egg hunt.

Sophia sitting with her friend Maihle. I think it is so sweet how excited they get when parents show up. I'm enjoying it now because I know it wont last forever.

Mrs. Schultz keeping her ducks in a row.

So I don't know what Sophia's favorite part of school is but the crafts she brings home are my favorite! Isn't this the cutest milk jug you have ever seen! It was their Easter basket.

Sophia and her good friend Judd playing in the sand. I sure hope the two of these cuties are in the same class again next year she talks about him all the time!!

A few days later we decided to take Sophia to play putt putt. She had been talking about how they got to play golf at school so I thought she would like to do it again. The only outdoor putt putt in the area is in Fayetteville at Dixie Land Funpark but they weren't open yet for the season. So instead we took her to Junction Lanes in Newnan. They have an indoor putt putt golf with blacklights. She had a lot of fun and it was interesting to see how she got it to the hole.

I'm thinking we need to work on her technique a little. She never did do what I call the rake it in move...I was a pro at that one!

Whoo was it hot in there..not sure if it was the blacklights or what. Sophia has naturally wavy hair so the heat was making it kink up here pretty funny.

While she was waiting she worked on her balance beam routine.

For a treat we took her to get ice cream across the street...I really should have sent Phil back to scrape half of this off but it was to late she had already seen it.
The beginning..nice and clean.

The middle...all I could think about was how I was going to get the stains out.

The end...I gave up worrying and just let her be. She got a good dunk in the bathtub when we got home though.

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