Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Dinner/Funny Find Pics

Well here are a few pics of our Easter Dinner. Phil and I decided to have roast lamb with yorkshire pudding and veg. We had this great idea because we are now able to buy mint sauce at the local Publix. :) Phil was very excited that Sophia loved her lamb that he took a few pics to show her British family. We thought y'all would be proud. :)

Take a bite of lamb....

Yummmm!! She ate quite a bit of it. :)

To much mint sauce!! LOL!

Now this is the funny find! We went to the Sharpsburg Spring festival today. Sharpsburg is just a real little town down the road from Senoia and yes it is even smaller than Senoia if you can believe it. :) We were walking a long and Phil spotted this....

Just kind of odd how it would be up here and let alone dated in 1978!! So of course we bought it and now are looking for somewhere to hang it. If some of you reading don't know I was raised in St. Marys GA and born in 1978. :) Hope you are all having a nice weekend!! The weather is finally nice here so we let Sophia paint outside while Phil grilled steak for dinner Yummy!! :) She is also really into soccer these days I'm trying to find a league that will take 2 year olds....Do you think Manchester United is ready for her?! :)

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Gary, Megan and Beth said...

What is mint sauce? I've never heard of it. It looks like it was a delicious lunch.