Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jesus Lamb's Easter Party

This past Saturday we finally got a break in all this wetness just in time for the Jesus Lamb's Easter Party! I think everyone had a great time I know Sophia did. When we got there they had different stations setup for the kids. Painting, bubbles, pin the tail on the bunny, egg toss and carrying an egg on a spoon. We spent most of our time painting and blowing bubbles. :) After awhile the Easter Bunny came out and I thought for sure Sophia would want nothing to do with him. She shocked up though because as soon as she saw him she wanted to get in his lap!! She loved that Easter Bunny and visted him multiple times and asked him to come blow bubbles with her. :) I think she just knows the candy is really good at Easter time. :)

We hunted the Easter eggs after lunch and Sophia really got it this year. Last year she had just turned one a few months before and would just pick up one Easter egg and hold onto it for dear life! This year she ran around like a mad woman scooping up eggs. Phil joked that she was very efficient because she would leave her basket and scoop up several eggs and then come back to put them in the basket. :) Here are some great pics Phil took of her while at the party. He also took some great ones of our friends children as well! I hope you all have a great Easter!!

Sophia doing her favorite activity. This is the first time she had used watercolors...she mainly just painted her picture wet. :)

Sophia with the Easter Bunny! I still can't believe it.

Sorry this one is not cropped yet but I thought it was really cute.

Double Trouble!

Cute Picture of Reagan.

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