Monday, May 11, 2009

Gone to Alabama Again!

A couple of weeks ago Sophia and I loaded up into the car and went to visit Emorie, Isabella, and Juju in Alabama again. We met them at a jump place called Frog Legs. Sophia has recently fallen in love with these places she loves to jump in the castle and go down the slides. I love these places too because it gives me somewhere to take Sophia on rainy days and it wears her out so she gets a good nap and I get some good downtime. :)

We stayed at Frog Legs for awhile but there were first and second graders there on a field trip and they were making Emorie and I both nervous. Issy said to me at one point "I'm gettin out of here these people are scaring me." So we loaded the girls up and took them to burger king to get some lunch and to play in their children's area. The girls had a great time together and Emorie and I actually got to have a conversation. :) Here are a few pics from that day...we are suppose to be going down again at the end of May for Issy's b-day party so I should have more pics then. :)

Having a Blast!!

Sophia and Issy were chasing and tickling each other. Sophia did have a wardrobe change if you noticed because her diaper had leaked on the drive from Frog Legs to Burger King. She had so much fun she peed her pants. :)

Not a very good pic but you can see they are having a good time.

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