Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend!

We had a very busy but fun weekend! Saturday morning we had our normal pancake day and then took Sophia to an event called Touch A Truck. I really thought she would enjoy getting to see all the trucks and the lights but she ended up being scared. I think we have warned her so much about holding hands in the parking lot and watching out for cars and trucks that she didn't understand when we just let her roam around. She also got scared when a semi that was part of the event started moving from that point on she wanted either Phil or I to carry her. :) She soon discovered the skateboard ramps though and thought they were GREAT! She ran up and down the small ones and then Phil took her up on one of the larger ones and let her slide down it on her hiney...she thought this was fun and wanted to do it again and again. I was a nervous wreck...this is the child that chipped a tooth and busted her head on in the same week. :) She was fine though and to get her to stop doing it I told her we were going to pick strawberries.

The past two years we have taken to Adam's Farm to pick strawberries. The first year she was a baby and just got toted around. Last year she just ran up and down the rows and tried to eat the strawberries. This year she was all business...she wanted to hold the bucket and really did do a good job getting the strawberries. She had a lot of fun and has been talking about it for the past two days. I think we are going to go back and pick blueberries in June. That is her other favorite fruit. :)

Saturday afternoon after her nap we let her play in the little kiddie pool we had bought for her Friday night. Who knew you could have so much fun in a 5 dollar pool! She splashed and played with toys for a couple of hours. Phil and I lounged on beach towels and put our feet in her pool. We had salsa chicken that night for dinner and just relaxed. It was a really nice day.

Sunday was Mother's Day!! :) Phil and Sophia really made it special for me this year. Sophia brought my present into the bedroom to me and said Happy Mother's Day. It was soooo sweet. They had gotten me a special Mom coffee mug with a quote from proverbs on it and a beautiful rose bush. We went to church and after service they were letting the kids come up and get carnations for their moms. Sophia was about to die to go up there so Phil walked her up and she brought back a flower to me. It was really sweet. :) They also took me out to brunch after church and it was tasty. It was a really nice weekend and can't wait to do it again! I'm trying to get Sophia to say Happy Father's Day now but she is still stuck on Mother's day...which is okay with me. :) I hope all of you other moms out there had a nice day as well!!

Shake your groove thing...shake your groove thing Yay Yay!!

She looks very serious here.

looking at a "tickle bug" that is what she calls them. I read her a Suzy's Zoo book one time and that is what the characters called ladybugs and it has stuck with her. :)

Happy Mother's Day!

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Scott and Denise said...

You guys take the best pictures ever. I love the one of Sophia where she is looking to the side and not smiling. It needs to be in a frame. Love ya ~ Denise