Friday, May 22, 2009

Hooray Watermelon!!

Well it is finally that time of year again...time for WATERMELON!! :) Sophia loved watermelon last year. She would eat it everyday unless I ran out and then she would cry for it. I got some at the grocery store last Monday and just broke it out yesterday Thursday because she has been on a blueberry and yogurt kick. As soon as she saw it though she yelled HOORAY! which is her new thing whenever she really really likes something. She will yell hooray groceries when we pull up to the grocery store...I don't think she really likes the shopping she just knows they hand out cookies at the bakery. :) She also yells hooray when we pull into the church parking lot...again I hope she really likes church she seems to when we are there but after she yells hooray when we pull up it is quickly followed by man...I wanna see man....she is referring to the candy man who hands out candy to the kids after service. :)

Anyway I digress...she is in love with watermelon again and had some this morning with her breakfast. Here are a few pics from last night that I thought were funny. She is squinting in some of them because the flash kept going off and she thought it was funny. :)

Check out the painted fingernails...she actually asked me to paint them for her. :)

Phil thought the face she is making was funny. That was a huge piece of watermelon and she had two. :)

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