Monday, December 8, 2008

What does the horse say?

Phil and I took Sophia to the Annual Senoia Christmas Parade this past Saturday. We have a lot of fun every year and this year was even more fun because they had pony rides for the kiddos. Sophia had a really good time and waved at her daddy as we walked passed and did her chitter chatter to the pony as he walked. She even petted his mane when I put her on and got her off. I was very proud of her when her turn was up she didn't cry or whine. I told her to say goodbye to the pony and she did and that was the end of it. :) While she was riding the pony I was trying to teach her what horses say. She knows a lot of animal noises but has never seemed to master the horse noise. So I told her that a horse says neigh and then asked her "What does a horse say Sophia?" She told me heigh!! :) The way she says it is very cute! It sounds like Fonze from Happy Days is saying it. :) So of course I have her say it over and over now I'm going to try to get it on video so I can post it on here.

Here are a few pics from Sophia riding the ponies.

She had just gotten on the pony here and I was trying to show her where to hold on at. This lady worked at the pony ride and just thought Sophia was cute. :)

Riding the pony. Notice that they put little Santa hats on the ponies. I thought it was cute...the pony probably hated it. :)

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