Monday, December 8, 2008

Senoia Christmas Parade Through the Years.

Phil and I have been going to the Senoia Christmas Parade for four year now. Here is a look back through some of our family pictures taken at the parade.

This was taken the Christmas of 2005. I would find out the following March that I was pregnant. :)

This was taken the Christmas of 2006. I had already been scheduled to have Sophia on the 18th of this month. :)

Our first Christmas Parade picture with Sophia. She was just about to turn 1!!

This year! Sophia is going to be 2 very soon. We have recently found out that it is very hard to take a family picture with a toddler. :)

We hope you are all having a nice December! Ours has gotten started off good and we are getting ready to have Sophia's birthday party next weekend. We should have plenty of pictures to post then. :)

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