Friday, March 28, 2008

Ear Infections!!

I cannot explain to you how much I hate ear infections. Sophia hasn't even had that many but I already hate them. I think I hate them so much because I can't figure out how she keeps getting them and she doesn't seem to think they hurt until it is to late!? Let me explain...We were having a great week before Wed. evening. Sophia wasn't acting right to me at dinner and when I put her in the bath tub later she just sat there and shivered which is very unusual. She had also taken a three and a half hour nap that day very VERY unusual!!! :) So when I got her out I checked her temp and I was right it was a little high like 100. So I gave her some tylenol and we went on with our regular bedtime routine which includes watching an episode of handy manny or teletubbies. :) While we were watching the show she seem to get worse her face turned bright red her whole body got hot and she laid her head down on my arm. I decided to take her temp again and oh my goodness it had jumped to 103.4!!! I took it under her arm so you are actually suppose to add a degree! So off we went to the ER because that is what I was always told to do. We got there at about 8:20 and left around 9:30 with two people still in front of us on the list. They don't go by first come first serve but by most urgent. I could tell though that they didn't think we were very urgent and we were going to be there awhile. The triage(sp?) nurse just told us that we should have monitored it longer before coming in and it is probably nothing. We were all exhausted and thought it would be better to go and put Sophia in bed and watch her for the night and take her to her pediatricians the next day if need be. Well I took her today Friday because things got better and then seemed to get worse and with the weekend coming up I didn't want to be spending it in the ER. :) Turns out she has a double ear infection!! Poor baby no wonder she is in such a sour mood today. She seemed fine yesterday and then woke up this morning screaming and crying it took awhile to get her to calm down. I also found out there is another place I could have taken her and probably gotten seen to quicker so that is always good to find out. :)

Other than that drama we are doing pretty good. Looking foward to the weekend we have lined up a babysitter so we can go out Saturday night. We are going to go try out Maguires again with some friends hopefully it wont be quite so busy this time. :) I hope everyone has a great weekend. Here are a few pics from the past couple of days. Enjoy!

Riding side saddle on her car. :)

Maga will understand this! :) Why does she like to put things around her neck?!

This is her I just woke up from a nap look.

Watering her flowers...look nanny I'm already training her right. :)

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