Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt and A Birthday Party!

We had a very social day today! Phil and I took Sophia to our churches Jesus Lambs Easter Egg hunt this morning and then this afternoon we went to Reagan's first birthday party. The Easter Egg hunt was a lot of fun and we think Sophia had a good time too. She ran around picking up all the plastic eggs. She mainly just wanted two one for each hand so she could bang them together. I managed to get her to put a few in her basket but then it was back to just carrying around two and putting those down when she found another one that she liked better. :) We all went inside after the egg hunt and had a very tasty lunch. This is the first day I think Sophia has really felt like herself so she ate ALOT! Phil had made her a grilled cheese sandwich before we left because I wasn't sure if she would eat anything they had at the party. Well she ate her grilled cheese sandwich, some cheese cubes, half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a yogurt cup, and some of a fruit cup I brought. She also drank all of her milk. We couldn't believe it she just kept going and going! She smiled most of the time we were there I say most of the time because she didn't like it one bit when I would have to pick her up and carry her somewhere. She is very independent right now and wants to walk herself everywhere. Most of the time it isn't where I want her to go though. :) She even smiled at the Easter Bunny. I was afraid she was going to run away crying but she walked right up to him and pointed and smiled. After the Jesus Lamb's party we took her home and she took a two hour nap YAY for wearing the baby out!

After her nap I basically snatched her up out of the crib and put her shoes on and off we were again to another fiesta! Our friends the Mong's daughter Reagan turned one on the 13th and they were having her birthday party today. We had a really good time! There were so many kids that Sophia didn't know what to do with herself. She loved playing with them and watching them. I even let her have a bite of cake but she was really more interested in the balloons. :) I've started calling her danger ball because the girl has no fear. She was off walking around Reagan's house stepping off ledges etc...if it is something I don't want her to do she is going to do it. Reagan seemed to be having a really good time too. She was so cute eating her cake! She was very nice and tidy about it as Phil said. :) I'm happy to also say that the rain held off for both events so we are very thankful for that. I hope you all had a nice Saturday as well!

Sophia picking up her two eggs.

I just thought this was cute of her and you get to see the dress she was wearing. :)

She stopped to smell and pick the flowers.

Swinging! Reagan got a new playset/swingset for her birthday.

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