Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our Week So Far...

We have had a wonderful week so far! It started out on Sunday with Sophia looking totally adorable in this new dress I got her. I actually found it at a consignment sale so I was really excited about that. Aubrey our minister also gave a wonderful sermon on words and how they affect people and relationships. Something I really need to work on. :) Monday was St. Patricks Day so we celebrated by going to a new pub in Senoia called Maguire's. We had a great time and met Carly and Robert there. The food was delicious and Sophia really enjoyed watching some young girls do celtic dancing. She was so cute to watch she acted like she wanted to be out there with them and probably would have if we had let her down. :)

Tuesday Sophia turned 15 months old!!! I can't believe my little girl has gotten so big. I was looking back at pictures from this time last year and it is amazing the difference. She is saying so many words now and definately has a mind of her own. She doesn't like it at all when I pick her up and carry her somewhere. She has recently learned how to climb onto the couch and has tried to dive off of it several times. I think she has finally figured out how to scoot off of it but still prefers to scare me by trying to dive off onto Cleveland's dog bed. :) On Wed. I had to take her to the doctor's office for her 15 month checkup. Phil usually comes with me but he had a meeting he had to go to so off I went by myself. I make Phil come with me because I hate to see Sophia cry and it helps to have him there. She did really well but cried a lot as expected. She started wimpering as soon as she saw the nurse. :) The doctor said that she looked great and would be getting two shots that day. The shots are the worse because I have to lay her down and then hold her arms so she doesn't hit the nurse while she is giving the shot. Oh I can't even look at her face it is so pitiful. She got over it pretty quick though when they handed her a sticker and she realized that we were leaving. :)

Now it is Thursday and we received a wonderful present from Phil's step grandfather. His name is Don and is a wonderful woodworker. He made a doll house for Sophia's cousin in England so he decided he wanted to make one for Sophia as well and send it over. When I was a little girl I wanted one of these doll houses because my babysitter had one so this is like a dream come true for me. :) It arrived today and it is just beautiful! I wasn't sure if Sophia would know what to do or if she would just ignore it but she has really enjoyed it and has looked at all the furniture and the little dolls he sent. She keeps making little noises like "oh" when she sees it. This is a very special present and it means so much that they would send it all the way from England.

Tomorrow is good friday and Phil has the day off so we plan to relax and try to take it easy. Hopefully we will do something fun on Saturday and then it is Easter on Sunday! Here are a few pics from this week I hope you all have a great weekend and Easter! I'm off to watch Dan in Real Life I'll let you know if it is any good. :)

The pretty girl in the pretty dress! Look how grown she looks!

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a green cup!

Sophia's Doll House. It came in a big box on a palate that we couldn't fit through the door so we had to open it and get it out in the driveway!

Sophia playing with her doll house. I think Don built all the furniture too! He did a wonderful job.

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What a beautiful dollhouse!