Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our Weekend

It has been such a wonderful weekend. The weather has finally warmed up,at least for the time being, so we were able to get out of the house and have some fun outdoors. On Saturday we went with our friends Robert and Carly to Robert's Grandmother's house. They have a pond in their backyard so we did a little fishing oh and when I say we I really mean they. :) I mainly watched after Sophia and made sure she didn't try to jump in. She really wasn't interested in the water though the thing that caught her eyes were the nice rocks! She toted around rocks off and on all afternoon and tried to eat a few as well. :) Whenever someone caught a fish they would show it to her and she would make all sorts of funny noises. After the fishing and rock gathering we went for a walk around two other bigger ponds. Sophia got to see her first heron...she really wasn't that impressed. That night we had Robert and Carly over to grill burgers and hot dogs. It was a really nice way to wrap up the day.

Today we went to church this morning and got to see all of our friends and hear a really wonderful speaker by the name of Harold Taylor. On Sunday we are guaranteed a nap because Sophia is usually so exhausted by the time church is over she will sleep two hours. YAY! So when we all woke up from our naps we all went for a walk and Robert came along. It was just to beautiful a day to stay inside. Phil and I took some photos of Senoia and just around town. Robert said we were being very artsy fartsy today. :) Here are a few pics from this weekend I hope you all had a good one too!

This is just an interesting little VW van we saw. Isn't it cute! Don't brake to hard though.

Sophia enjoying the grass, leaves and many many rocks.

Robert's first catch. He did catch a bass a little later but of course we didn't get a picture of that one.

artsy fartsy pictures of a drain in Senoia.

Spring is in the air!

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