Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone has had a great Easter Weekend. Phil had Friday off so we just hung around the house and relaxed. We went for a walk into Senoia and while we were there we found a hiking pack that we could put Sophia in. We have been looking for one for awhile but they are all very expensive but this one was only ten dollars and works great. I'll have a picture of it below. While Sophia was asleep that afternoon Phil mowed the grass and we went window shopping at Best Buy with dinner gezzos later that evening. Just a very relaxing family day.

Saturday we decided we wanted to use our new hiking back pack so we loaded Sophia into the truck with the essentials for the day and went to High Falls State Park. It was so much fun and Sophia really enjoyed getting to see the water fall. She especially like getting to touch all the trees with red paint on them that mark the trail. We made a game out of it and would say red tree and let her touch it before moving on to the next one. She seemed to like it and gave her something to do while sitting on dadddy's back. :) When we got back to the truck we let her play on the playground that was there. She seemed to really like the pine cones. :) When we left there we decided to go to Tanger Outlet. We haven't been there in a couple of years and wanted to see if there were any good deals we were missing out on. We weren't missing anything but it was fun to eat at the Denny's Diner and window shop at some of the stores. We did end up getting Sophia a pair of crocs that she just thinks are great. She couldn't stop smiling when I put them on her. :) It was a great day to go hiking and shopping outdoors I couldn't get over how beautiful it was. Phil got me a new game for Easter called Hyper slide (I think) it is so much fun and we played that for a long time last night after Sophia went to sleep. :) We got the same game for my nephew last Christmas so I hope he is enjoying it as much as we are. Phil and I are very competitive though so that is probably why our game lasted so long. :)

Today is Easter and we have had a great day so far. We got up and went to church everyone looked so pretty in there Easter outfits. I really enjoyed the ladies class this morning. We were discussing the story of the prodigal son and it is one of my favorites plus I like to hear all the of other ladies points of view. We didn't have a lot of time so I didn't give Sophia her basket until we got home from church. She really loved it and went straight for the wind up chick. You wind it up and the chick goes hopping across the table. She thinks it is great and has held onto it since she got it out of the basket. I had also gotten her a bunny book, some plush peeps, and a toy egg that when you push a button it has lights that come on and spin inside. Phil has just put the roast in so we are going to have an Easter roast tonight with potatoes, carrots and some other good things.'s making me hungry to think about it. :) Well that is it for now and I think I hear Sophia waking up and phil has gone out to pull weeds. I hope you all have a great Easter evening!

Our Easter Family Photo. Thank you Scott!

Sophia peeping at me from around the back of the carrier.

Playing the Red Tree game.

Daddy and Sophia that is her favorite blankie by the way. I normally make her leave it at home.

Phil was climbing back up a hill and this is what Sophia was doing. I think she had a good time. :)

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