Friday, March 14, 2008

Where have you been?!

I received a call from my mom the other day asking where we have been. She was concerned because I hadn't updated our blog in awhile or called. Well the answer is we have been sick. :( I've actually been sick for three weeks nows but thought it was allergies in the beginning then a head cold that I was going to let run its course. Well the course never ended and I finally went to the doctor yesterday. He told me I have a sinus infection. So now I look like I have my own private pharmacy in my kitchen. He wrote me scripts for antibiotics, cough syrup, nasonex, and some other mystery drug I'm not sure why I'm taking but I'm doing it anyway. I think it is for inflamation? But I'm feeling better today YAY! Sophia has also been sick. I guess because I wasn't feeling well for so long it was inevitable that Sophia was going to get it too. I could tell she wasn't feeling quite right on Friday but I thought she might be teething. Phil and I went out on a date that night and left her with a babysitter who said that after she put her down for bed she woke up crying about an hour later and that is unusual for Sophia. The next day was just horrid! She was in full on sick mode but didn't reach the peak until the BBQ we had planned to have a week ago with Emorie,Fernando, and Isabella. She started running a temp of 102 while they were here. Luckily I gave her some IBProfin and the temp came down quickly. She seems to be feeling better now. We have been running a humidifier that Emorie let us borrow and she just has a runny nose now. I think it is the crazy weather we are having that has made everyone so ill. It snowed the day we had planned the BBQ with the Vasquez's and it was in the high 60's two days later. Go Figure!

Phil managed to stay well this go around and Sophia and I are feeling better just in time because we have a very full weekend ahead of us! We are going to try out the new restaurant in Senoia tonight. It is called the Redneck Gourmet and if it is anything like the one in Newnan it should be pretty good. The Irish pub is opening on Monday also just in time for St. Patty's day so we may go and try that one out on Monday. Tomorrow our church is having their Jesus Lamb's easter egg hunt and I had planned to take Sophia. She went last year when she was about 4 months old so there should be a big difference this year. I'm still pretty sure she isn't going to give a hoot about the eggs but more easter candy for daddy. :) Then that afternoon we are going to our good friends the Mong's house because their daughter Reagan is turning one!! It should be a lot of fun. They have gotten Reagan a really nice playset and I can't wait to see the kids playing on it. I just hope the rain holds off until after the party. Then Sunday we have church and sunday school so I'm sure I'll being posting again soon and hopefully with lots of cute pictures.

Here are a few pics from I guess about a week ago now before Sophia got sick. It was one of the nice days and we were finally able to break out the Sand and Water Table we had gotten her for Christmas. She loved it and got drenched playing in the water. She liked taking the rake and putting it in the water and trying to drink the water. She would then go and put the rake in the sand and try to eat the sand. Ick! I can remeber getting sand in my mouth when I was a kid and hating it Sophia didn't seem to care. :) Enjoy and I hope you are all feeling well! :)

Playing in the water. It was a little windy that day.

Tasty Sand!

Breaking News: While I was writing this Sophia finally figured out how to get on her toy zebra that granddad and Angie got her. She actually got off too without face planting. She got on and off by herself awhile back before her first b-day but didn't do it very gracefully and face planted. :)

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