Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Even More Fishing!

Sophia has found a real love for fishing! She had gotten really good at casting so Phil decided to put a hook on her fishing line much to my dismay. I'm glad he did though because she loves going out to the lake even more now. As I've mentioned before I'm not much of a fishing person it still makes me sad when they wiggle around on the hook but Sophia loves it and it is fun to watch her having a good time.

Here is a picture of one of her first catches a blue gill:

After catching quite a few blue gills she decided they were to easy and told her daddy that she wanted to catch a bass. She didn't quite catch a bass but she did catch this fella:

We were absolutely shocked when she reeled this guy in! She wanted to do it all by herself as well. She has now proclaimed that she is going to catch a bass next. :) She also told me later that the catfish had whiskers just like daddy. Kids are so observant we didn't even mention anything about the whiskers.
Happy fishing everyone!

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