Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sophia's Spring Program and Strawberry Pickin!

At the beginning of May Sophia had her school Spring Program. I was very excited about this because it is the one program that is in the evening so Phil could definitely come and I asked my parents of they would like to come up as well. My dad had to work but my mom came and Sophia was very excited to see her. She made my mom play hungry hippo and candyland as soon as she got in the door. Sophia did great during the show. She had been practicing the songs at home so I knew she knew most of the words. The motions to the songs were really cute and halfway through the show she thought it would be a good idea to start kissing on the boy to her left. :) After the kids were done singing they had a slide show of some of the pictures that were taken during the school days of the kids. Sophia liked finding herself in the pictures. I think she had a good time and it is always interesting to see what the kids are going to do.

Sophia and Judd..this is the little boy she was trying to kiss..he wasn't very pleased about it. :)

Little Owen surrounded by all the ladies. :)

We also took Sophia to pick strawberries recently. If you have read my blog for awhile you know this has become a yearly tradition. She loves going and it is fun to see how she has changed over the years doing this activity. It used to be that she would just play now she is all business about picking the strawberries. I must admit it was easier to get cute pictures of her in the strawberry field when she would just play. :)

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