Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Fishing

So most of you who know me know I'm not a fishing person. In fact until recently I was quite the wuss and would scream when one actually had the nerve to get on my hook. There are many reasons for the screaming and slight anxiety attack over this animal squirming around on the end of my line but I wont go into them here. I will say that I have gotten over them and sucked it up because Sophia quite enjoys fishing. She isn't half bad at it either. Now we haven't put a hook on her line yet because to be honest it scares me to death. She has a decent cast though and has fun just doing that.

We also got a good chuckle from Sophia tonight. We were feeding the geese right before we left and one got really close so I told her to squat down and the geese would get closer. Well she thought I said squawk so all I hear is her going squawk squawk. You have to love how kids minds work.

Sophia has become a pro she just casts and leaves her fishing rod. :)

She helped Phil real this big guy in. :)

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