Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sophia's End of School Party

Sorry this post is a little late seeing as Sophia has been out of school almost a full month now! However on her very last day of school she got to go to a water/ice cream party. I was one of the party moms for this party and I must say it turned out really well. One of the moms from the class volunteered to have everyone over to her house. So all the party moms really had to do was show up early to help get the pools ready, buy the ice cream and toppings and have a good time! I think the kids really loved it I must admit I was a little sad this was the last day of her first year in preschool. She had such a wonderful time and I can really tell a difference in her from the beginning of the year to now. She is growing up and becoming such a big girl! If your in the Fayette/Coweta county area I highly recommend First Presbyterian of Peachtree City Preschool. They are really fabulous!

This is Sophia with her two favorite fellas! Judd is on the left and Tyler on the right..she has told me several times that she is going to marry Tyler. :)

We had one pool filled with water and bubbles! This is Sophia with her friend Isabelle.

This is her whole class concentrating very hard on their ice cream. :)

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