Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pre-School Thanksgiving Party

This past Thursday Sophia's school had their Thanksgiving Feast. All the classes contributed to the feast by making something that they were going to be eating. Sophia's class got to shuck the corn and then boil it. Other classes made pumpkin bread, cookies, green beans and there was even turkey on their plates. Sophia ate all of her plate and some of Judd's plate. :) She had a good time and enjoyed getting to show me everything she had made. It was also a good opportunity to meet some of the other parents. She talks about several of the kids but I had never had the chance to meet their parents.

We are now getting ready to go down to my families house on Wednesday and spend Thanksgiving with them. It should be fun Sophia has been asking to go for a few weeks now and she is particulary excited about getting to see Josh. :) After we get back it wont be long until Sophia's THIRD birthday!! I can't believe it! It seems just like yesterday we were celebrating her first birthday. This really has been a fun year...she can do so many things now and she makes me laugh everyday with the things she comes up with. Here are a few pictures from her Thanksgiving Feast. Hopefully I will have more when we get back from my parents house.

Little Indian Sophia. She made the hat, shirt, necklace and placemat.

Sophia's table..L to R Sophia, Judd, Tyler, Amber and Cate. There was another table next to her with the rest of her classmates.

The rare mother/daughter picture..not sure what Sophia is doing. :)

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