Tuesday, April 29, 2008

St. Marys Visit

Sorry it has been awhile since I have written anything but our house has been turned upside down. Phil has been gone for a week and two days now and I'm so ready to have him home. Sophia has really missed him too and the few days after he left she would ask for him and look for him. She has become very attached to me which is very sweet but she cries now when I leave her. I hope that gets better once he gets back. He is coming home tonight and I can't wait!!

While Phil was gone I thought it would be a good opportunity to go down and visit my family with Sophia. She was really good during her five hour journey down there. We had recently bought a travel dvd player just for this trip and let me tell you it was a life saver I don't think she would have done nearly as well without it. I don't usually let her watch a lot of TV but I was willing to on this trip as long as she didn't scream for five hours. :) We stayed at my parents house for about four days and visted with my sister and brother-in-law and their three boys. Sophia loved playing with her two youngest cousins one is eight and the other one is two and a half. They would chase each other around the house screaming and laughing. The eight year old was really attentive to her and would help her down stairs and watch out for her. It was nice having the extra help.
One of the days that I was down there we went to the Jacksonville Zoo. Which is a very nice zoo and they have updated it a lot since I was little. Sophia's favorites were the elephants, giraffes and gorilla. She made the elephant noise when she saw them and squeeled. She got to see the gorilla face to face. He was running back and forth hitting the glass and stopped in front of her I thought she would be scared but she just smiled and laughed.
We came home the following Sunday and have been working on getting back into our routine. Phil is home now also and is struggling to get back in the right time zone. :) It was nice to get to see my family though and I think Sophia had a good time.

Sophia loving the carousel. She would cry when it would stop. We ended up letting the kids ride it twice.

Sophia and her cousin looking at the fish.

Going down the slide. This slide was very fast and it looks like Sophia enjoyed it. :)

Aunt Lisa, Maga, and Sophia at the zoo. We were waiting on the boys...they were looking at bats and other icky creatures.

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