Thursday, July 2, 2009

Daddy's Helper and Mommies Little Priss

Sophia has turned out to be a very good helper in the backyard! She really likes to help daddy water the new plants.

This of course is hard work so she always needs to take a drink of water before moving on to...

Sweeping the steps...she is very meticulous about getting every leaf off the steps just like daddy does.

She also helps with the mowing. We of course can't mow the grass without our Dora shades..gotta protect our eyes right. :)

Whoops! Looks like we ran into technical difficulties here or she just pushed it down the hill which is a favorite game of hers. :)

Here she is being mommies little priss! I came out of the bedroom one morning and caught her doing this. She loves my high heels and struts around the house wearing them. :)

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