Friday, July 24, 2009

Sophia Says....

Sophia has some really cute things she says lately so I thought I would try to write some of them down and hopefully can remember to add to the list. :)

I recently painted and got new towels for Sophia's bathroom. When I showed it to her she said "ahh mommy it so beautiful!" The next morning Phil got her up and he said she looked at the bathroom again and said "It so pretty" and when I came out she told me "Good job mommy" we got a good chuckle out of that one. :)

Sophia talks to herself a lot in her crib usually when she has just woken up or is trying to get to sleep. The other morning she woke up and called "Daddy" I guess she thought he must have gone to work because I heard her whisper to herself "no I call mommy...MOMMY!" That definitely got us up.

Phil recently bought a bike horn to put on our golf cart..he drove Sophia around honking the new horn and she looked up at him and said "Daddy that silly" and went back to coloring her paper. :) You know your really silly when your two year old tells you what your doing is silly. :)

I have more but Sophia is awake and needing attention...hopefully I can remember more.

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