Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sophia Riding her Rocking Horse

Phil and I finally got some video footage of Sophia riding her rocking horse. She got this horse from Maga and Pappa for Christmas last year and has been riding it but she has just figured out how to rock back and forth by herself. Please exscuse the silly baby talk that you hear sometimes it is the only way I can get her to "perform". I'm also not sure what she was doing with her tongue but she does it a lot lately and then hisses at us. :)
There is also some footage of her feeding Cleveland her dinner. :) She started getting this really big belly laugh so I went and got the camera.
We have mainly been staying inside the last few weeks because it has been so hot but we did venture out to the movie theater yesterday. The local movie theater is showing free movies for kids all summer so April, Emorie and I took the kiddos we all just decided if they didn't do well we could always leave. Luckily they did great and we made it through the whole movie. I was really proud of Sophia she only got fidgety the last 10 to 15 minutes.:)
Enjoy the video!

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