Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trip to the Atlanta Zoo

Phil, Sophia and I recently went to the Atlanta Zoo with our church. The group is called Jesus Lambs and they arrange different activities for the really little kids that go to our church. Anyway we went and had a really good time it was nice getting to talk to some of our friends that we haven't spoken to in awhile. Usually after church we have to go ahead and leave because Sophia is so tired. :)
She got to see the giraffes, monkeys, gorilla and panda bears. She also got to ride the train and carousel again. The Atlanta Zoo has a petting zoo in the kids area and she really liked getting to watch the goats. She made friends with one but would never touch him. :) I just had to watch her and make sure she didn't bring any souvenirs with her from the goat enclosure...if you know what I mean. :) I think she really liked it but it was just so incredible hot. Here are a few pics sorry it has taken so long to post them. :)

Phil and Sophia looking at a Gorilla.

Sophia's friend Mr. Goat. This is as close as she would get. :)

Sophia and Phil riding the train. Look at her sitting like a big girl! Phil is sitting very well too. :)

Sophia on her FAVORITE the Carousel. She still screams when you try to get her off.

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