Friday, July 18, 2008

19 Months

Sophia is officially 19 months old today! I can't believe it. I don't know about you but this last month seems to have flown by. Sophia and I have still been going to the park a lot and meeting up with friends. We met Emorie and Isabella at the Senoia Park on Tuesday and they had a great time together. It is the first time I have seen Sophia play chase with another child. They played really well together. Afterward we went the Senoia Coffee Company to get lunch and the ladies that work there are always so good to the girls. We had a delicious lunch I recommend the Caesar Wrap if you ever go YUM! :) Then Ms. Jean brought out a cookie for the girls to share...Izzy ate her half Sophia had two bites of hers and then decided the chime that hangs from the door was a lot more interesting. :)

I'm thinking of joining the Moms Club of Sharpsburg. It is mostly a group of stay at home moms that get together and do activities with the kids. They go to the park together, go on field trips like the zoo, and have play groups. It sounded like fun and I thought it might give Sophia and I an opportunity to meet other moms and children. Well I met with a group of them on Thursday to go walking. They were all really nice and I got along with them really well. So I think I might join. I'm suppose to meet with them again on Monday to go walking. If any of you in the Sharpsburg/Senoia area are interested I can send you the information.

Today we met up with Kandis and Reagan. We all went to the Carl Miller Park in Newnan. It is a really nice park that has a play castle for the older kids, walking trails, and a smaller playground for the small kiddos. They also have this area that sprays water up out of the ground and the kids can run through it and get all wet. That is the area we went to today. Sophia loved it but she wasn't sure about it at first. I walked her out to the water and once she started getting wet she loved it. She especially loved watching the older kids run around and play. She laughed and had a good time. There was a button you had to push to get the water to continue to spray and I think that was her favorite part. She watched the other kids do it a few times and then decided she wanted to try. We stayed there for a good hour, had a snack (thanks for sharing your crackers Reagan), and then came home to have lunch and a much needed nap. :) It has been a nice 19 month birthday. :) Just so you know I did have her shoes off the majority of the time but she wanted to go on the playground behind us so I put them on and then she decided she wanted to be in the water more and I couldn't be bothered to take them off again. That is why she is in the shoe gap. :) Hope you are all having a great summer! Here are some pics from this morning.

Sophia trying to catch the water

Sophia doing her favorite thing...pushing buttons! :)

Pure Joy

More playing in the water

Time to go!

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