Friday, July 25, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

I just had to post this real quick I thought my mom might get a good chuckle out of this! :) This morning I caught Sophia trying to put on her new shoes and to my surprise to got one was on the wrong foot though! She was so proud of herself she walked around all over the house with that one shoe on. If I had a scanner I would post the pic of me when I was a child with both of my shoes on...but on the wrong feet. :) But for now here is Sophia:

Here is Sophia concentrating really hard.

Here she is with it on..please ignore my toe on one side and the camera strap on the other. :)

Her Nanny comes on Monday so we are busy busy cleaning and trying to get things in order. If you could see our house you would probably ask us what have you done?! It seems we clean one thing and then it is messed up the next day. Sophia's things especially..but I guess that is to be expected. :) I hope you all have a good weekend I'm going consigning and hoping to get a good loot of clothes for Sophia this winter. :)

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