Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Busy Summer

We have had a pretty busy summer this year. I've been taking Sophia to storytime at the PTC library and some of our friends from church have started joining us. It is a lot of fun and gives Sophia a chance to interact with other children. I think she enjoys the stories as well. :) We have also been meeting some friends at the PTC park and although it has been very hot the kids have really enjoyed themselves. We usually try to take some bread to feed the ducks while we are there. I should have had my camera ready last week Sophia went running straight for the ducks and scared the all away. I hope the people trying to feed them weren't to upset. :) Phil and I have also managed to take Sophia to our neighbor's swimming pool a couple of times. She enjoys it but really prefers to be in her float. She isn't to sure about just being held and whirled around in the water. We are suppose to go to the movies again with some friends and then I'm taking Sophia to see a magician at the Senoia library. So we are keeping busy and trying to stay cool. :)

The 4th of July was a lot of fun! It was just Phil, Sophia and myself that day. Phil and I decided to take her to the parade this year and I'm glad we did. She really enjoyed it. There were so many different floats this year. Her favorites though were the horses that walked by and a big balloon of an elephant. :) It was a really long parade so we stayed long enough to see our church's float and then left after that. Sophia has figured out how to tell us she is ready to go home..she says something like bye bye home...so we know she is ready to hit the road. :)

My mother-in-law is going to be here in a couple of weeks so I'm really excited about that. Phil and I are hoping to squeeze a few date nights in but it is just going to be really nice to see her. The last time she saw Sophia she was 4 months old so Sophia is going to look a lot different. :)
Here a few pictures from the last few weeks enjoy!

Sophia at the park riding the elephant. I love the top she has on thank you Renee! :)

Running like the wind!

Getting ready to go to the pool. Cute bathing suit Aunt Lisa sent her. :)

Swimming with Daddy.

Feeling a bit safer in her ladybug float. :)

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