Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day Trip to Alabama

My friend Kandis and I loaded up our girls and drove to Alabama for the day this past Monday. We went to go visit our good friend Emorie and her two little girls. It was a rather uneventful trip down the girls did great. They basically sat in the back listened to music ate fruit and cereal and stole each others toys. :) We met Emorie in Opelika AL which has some wonderful shopping that I never knew about. We will definitely be going there again. We sat around Target for awhile and caught up and then decided it was time to get the girls some grub. We went to our favorite place Chic fil A. I can't actually eat there right now I'm so sick of it. :) Lunch was wild as usual food and drink everywhere. After they ate though (or when we gave up) they went and played in one of those indoor play areas and that was wonderful because they were contained and we could actually talk. It was so great getting to see Emorie and her girls again it really felt like we hadn't seen each other in a long time. After the girls got tired of playing there we decided to move it to a park that both Emorie and Kandis had found online. This was one of the best parks I have seen!! They had several different play areas with a little creek running through it. There was also a train track that ran around it but the train wasn't running that day...of course. :) We stayed there for at least an hour or two and are planning to meet there again in May for Issy's birthday!! I can't believe that little girl is going to be 3 already!! Kandis and I left from there and both our girls crashed out not long after was a nice quite ride home. :)

On our way to Opelika!!

Reagan trying to steal Sophia's cereal...gotta love the expression Sophia is giving. :)

Issy isn't she beautiful!

Reagan having fun in the slide at Chic fil A

Sophia really likes Kandis. I took this picture as she was scooting closer to sit next to her. :)

static hair! Oh on a side note I bought the horse and pig for her at Target. They were in the dollar bin. Everywhere we went Reagan and Issy kept trying to pick them up so Sophia wouldn't let the animals go when we were at the park and took them everywhere with her. :)

JuJu Bean and her cute smile.

They were holding hands so sweetly...then I got my camera and Sophia closed her eyes and Reagan stuck her finger up her nose. :)

Crashed out on the way home

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