Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sophia's trip to the ER!

Okay well most of you who read my blog already now that Sophia fell about two weeks ago and busted her head open a bit. We aren't really sure how she fell because Phil had left to go to Rite Aid and I was in charge of dinner. So off I went to see about dinner thinking Sophia was in our bedroom watching cartoons then I hear this loud thud followed by some of the worst screaming I've ever heard. I come running in the living room to find her laying on her back next to this square column we have in our dining room/living room. She had blood running down the side of her face and I was totally freaking out. I tried calling Phil a few times but he said he never heard it ring and his phone didn't show any missed calls so they must not have been going through. Well when he got home we decided we needed to take her to the ER because it was definitely going to need stitches. The funny thing that by the time we got to the ER she was fine. She was in the backseat laughing and talking we take her into the ER and she starts jumping and twirling. Kids are definitely resilient!! Lucky for her and us the doctor was able to just glue it closed so there wont be as noticeable a scar. The doctor said she did great though she just layed there and let him put the glue onto the cut. She even got a popsicle when he was done which she thought was great! She is doing fine but has got me so on edge! She falls all the time and maybe I'm just noticing it more now but she really is such a klutz. In fact she ran into that same column again on Friday night. She turned around to run away from the dog and smacked right into the edge of it again. Gave her a nice bruise and mark on the other side of her forehead to match the cut she already has. I'm about ready to wrap every inch of the house in foam!! :)

My poor baby! This was taken when we got home from the ER.

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