Saturday, March 14, 2009

Snow in GA!

It finally got cold enough to snow here last weekend. We were sitting in church when the rain started turning to puffy little snowflakes. Sophia was in love with it and wanted to get right in it but I made her take a nap first. I know I'm a mean momma. :) As soon as she woke up though she was asking to go outside in it. We took her out and lasted about 30 mins I was freezing and so was Phil. I think Sophia was cold as well she was shivering but when I asked if she was ready to go in she said NO!! :) I think we ended up getting about 3 inches which is pretty decent for this time of year. Since the snow it has been in the mid to low 70s and everything is is crazy!

Sophia making snow balls with Daddy...she is also mid least she fell in snow. :)

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