Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Playing Catch Up

So I'm finally playing catch up! Some of you have already heard about these trips or events but you can read about them again. :)

During winter break Kandis and I took the girls to go and see our really good friend Emorie in Opelika. We always love getting together with her and her two girls Issy and Julianna. We had so much fun visiting and of course we went to our frequent haunt Chic fil a. It is an easy place to go because the girls are entertained, the food is good and we can trap them in the play area long enough to have a conversation. :) We can't wait to see them again!!

This is Sophia, Isszy and Reagan waiting (begging really) for their ice cream.

Sweet little Juju....oh how I love her haircut and and her sweet little cheeks!!

This is the best group shot we could get..the girls were just a tad bit hyper. Did you notice that both Sophia and juju have the same jackets! Gotta love Target. :)

Saying goodbye :(

When Sophia went back to school after winter break her school had patriotic day. I'm assuming patriotic day is in February because of president's day?? Not really sure but it was super cute. Here is the little peanut and her friend Amber dressed up in their outfits. Sophia was sooo excited to show me her shirt she said she painted it herself with stamps. :) After the classes paraded around in their different outfits they all came inside and sang patriotic songs like grand old flag and yankee doodle.

Sorry about the delay in posts I'm hoping to keep up better! :)

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