Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Mitten and other Random stuff

Sophia came home from school Friday and told me about a story she had heard that day.  It about a boy who loses his mitten.  A lot of different animals find the mitten and climb in until the mitten stretches and it literally explodes!  The boy comes back and finds the mitten split open but luckily his mom has a new pair for him.  I put cover pictures of both versions of the book below.  From reading the reviews though it sounds like a lot of people prefer the Alvin Tresselt version.  I think that is the one they used in Sophia's class as well.  I thought it sounded like a cute story and I knew she must have enjoyed it a lot if she came home and told me about it. 
 Here is the mitten Sophia made at school.  It looks pretty easy to copy if you want to try to make it at home.  You would just need to find pictures of the different animals.  The mitten opens and you put all of your animals in.  As you can tell Sophia's exploded as well! She was so excited to show me that it ripped when she was pulling all the animals out.  I doctored it up with some handy dandy tape and all was right in the world again. :)  Here is a link to Preschool Playbook she did a post on this same story with some other ideas as well.

Here are some other random things we have been doing.  I also found on Preschool Playbook these cute "bird feeders".  All you will need are pipe cleaners and cheerios.  Take one pipe cleaner and make a circle at one end.  Loop some of the pipe cleaner around itself.  This is so the cheerios don't fall off and when you get done you will loop the other end into the circle.  Once you have a circle at one end just start stringing cheerios on.  There will be a lot of cheerio eating going on with this project.

I found this cute number game from a Mailbox magazine.  You take a bag and decorate it for Valentines Day.  Please don't laugh at mine I made it in 5 minutes while Sophia was eating breakfast...in retrospect I should have let her do it but oh well.  Afer you have your bag decorated write numbers on pieces of paper and then fold them up and place them in the bag.  Then have your child pull out a number and tell you what it is.  After they tell you the number they have to blow that many kisses.  Sophia had a lot of fun with this and I acted like I was catching her kisses. 
I have a similiar game that I learned at Puddle Jumpers. You basically just write numbers on a medium sized sheets of paper. Once you have your numbers drawn place them around on the floor. Write more numbers on smallers pieces of paper and fold them up and place them in a bag. I just use a ziploc bag. Have your child pull a number out and tell you what it is. Once they tell you they have to go find that number on the floor and jump on it that many times. So say she picks a 5 she has to go find the 5 and then jump on it 5 times. Keep going until all your numbers are gone...I usually take them out so Sophia will get each number at least once.
We have also started sight words and BOB books.  This has been with mixed reviews.  I can really tell the days she isn't into it...like today. Other days she loves it and wants to do more.  The books are cute though and very simple sentences such as Mat Sat. Sam sat. I'll keep you updated on how it goes. :)
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