Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Couple of Pictures

Here are a couple of pictures of Sophia from yesterday. She will finally say her animal sounds and even has one for the sound of a car.

Here is a picture of Sophia telling me the cow says MOOOOO!!! :) She is so cute when she scrunches her little face up.

Reading herself "Goodnight Moon"

This is a singing clock that my dad got her while we were down there. She LOVES this clock and makes the song play over and over while she dances. It plays Hickory Dickory Dock by the way but a more up beat version. :)

This is Sophia's other persona Hollywood. :) She wore these glasses all around Target while I finished shopping so I bought them for her. She thinks she is hot stuff when she has them on. Check out her wheels in the background she likes to try to run Cleveland over with her dump truck. :)

We are suppose to be going to Adams Farm this weekend so I hope to have lots of cute strawberry pickin pictures to post. :)

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