Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Visit to Adam's Farm and Mother's Day

Phil, Sophia and I decided to go to Adam's Farm this morning. Emorie, Isabella and Mrs. Casey came along too to help us pick some strawberries. Sophia was especially well behaved and really got into the spirit of it - as you can see from the Photos. She also learned a valuable lesson about what happens when you run with strawberries.

I've had a wonderful Mother's Day. It started with Phil getting Sophia up and given breakfast then she came busting through the bedroom door while I was getting ready for church with a huge grin on her face and said Mama. :) He also gave me a cute Mother's Day card and a pair of earings that are just beautiful. Later we went over to Perry and Judy Baker's house and visited with them for a bit. Phil was interested in buying Perry's tiller (that is another story). Then we went for a walk around a pond in Peachtree City. They have just renovated this pond/park and it was really fun to watch Sophia play on the new equipment they have. There were also lots of people walking their dogs so everytime we passed one she would yell DOG! :) When we got home Phil had prepared a wonderful roast with vegetables and yorkshire pudding YUM! It has been a really nice weekend. I hope you all had a great one too!

Sophia picking strawberries

Running with her strawberries.....

This is what happens when you run with strawberries! haha! She was fine she didn't even cry..she was just a little sticky until we got home. :)

Mother's Day picture. This is the best we could get and she is pointing to a dog across the street. :)

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