Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Today was Memorial Day so Phil and I took Sophia into downtown Senoia to enjoy the festivities! They had a lot more booths this year and had a little bit of something for everyone. They had a whole kids area set up the year with jump castles, an obstacle course, ring toss, pony rides and a lot more. We didn't get to stay for the parade because it was at 2 and Sophia is usually asleep then. We don't skip naps at this house just because she can make everyone else miserable if we do. :) I heard it was really nice and really long we are hoping to get to see it next year.

We did let Sophia ride the ponies and she loved it!! She rode a little horse called Levi. He was very sweet and gentle. She petted his mane a lot and I'm surprised she didn't try to kiss him. I patted his rump and he jumped a little I think he thought I was goosing him. :) When she had to get off the horse it reminded me of when she rode the carousel at the zoo. She didn't want to get off when they stopped and started screaming. It didn't last long when she discovered all the other things to do. :)

We had a good time downtown and by the end of it Sophia had gotten two balloons and a flag. So she made out like a fat cat and had something to play with on the walk home.

This afternoon we went over to some neighbors house who have a pool. This was Sophia's first time in a real pool and needless to say she liked it a lot. We didn't have any floats or floaty vests for her so we had to run out and get some. We got her a ladybug float that is really cute and she just sat in that the whole time and watched the other kids. There was one little girl that kept jumping into the pool from the diving board doing cannon balls and the "pencil" Sophia thought this was really funny and would laugh whenever she jumped in. By the end she was getting cold and was ddd done! :) We grilled out with them and had hot dogs, baked beans and mac and cheese. It was all very tasty and very american. :)

Well here are a few pics from today we forgot our camera at the house when we went to the pool so there aren't any from there. We are hoping to use their pool again so I will get some then. :)

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day!

Thank you to all the men and women who are and have served our country you have done a great job and we appreciate all your hard work!

Sophia and Phil on our way to downtown Senoia. Check our her knees isn't that just so girly! :)

Sophia waving to a really big show chicken.

Sophia petting levi.

Sophia going home. Notice the two balloon strings and she is holding the flag. Very patriotic! :)

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